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Christoph Gollenz "GOLI grills BASICS" (German)

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Recipes and tips from the grill world champion

- Properties of the different grills and fuels
- The basics for success on the grill
- 60 recipes from simple to elaborate, with and without meat

What do the different devices do, from kettle grills to smokers, what effect do the different fuels have, whether wood, coal or gas? What basic rules should be observed for success on the grill, what accessories are necessary? Grill world champion Christoph Gollenz, an experienced trainer in countless grill seminars, explains to beginners and experienced hobby grillers alike step by step how they can perfect their skills. The 60 recipes range from simple basics to the unusual ideas that earned Gollenz the title of world champion. Finger food, meat and poultry, fish and vegetarian dishes are all covered equally, and sweet desserts can also be grilled. The book is rounded off with a chapter on side dishes and sauces.

Product details
Publisher: Stocker
Number of pages: 184
Release date: February 29, 2016
Dimensions: 257 mm x 193 mm x 19 mm
Weight: 774g