FIRE&FOOD is Europe's first and oldest German-language grill and barbecue magazine. Since 2002, FIRE&FOOD has stood for the authentic BBQ lifestyle - slow, smoky and tasty. Good BBQ is possible in many ways. Whether with a smoker, ceramic grill, Dutch oven, pellet grill or gas - do it your way. Your passion is our passion too.

FIRE&FOOD offers you everything that real pit masters need - to read and to do yourself. Become part of our growing barbecue community. Grab a cold beer, take the time things need and celebrate your barbecue with friends and family just the way you like it.

Elmar Fetscher

Elmar Fetscher is the founder of FIRE&FOOD. In 2002 he founded Europe's largest BBQ magazine and has been editor-in-chief, opinion maker and popular expert on German BBQ ever since.

FIRE&FOOD stands for unique recipes, BBQ stories from all over the world, independent tests of grills and accessories and lots and lots of inspiration.

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The beginnings

FIRE&FOOD was founded in 2002. At that time, almost no one in Germany knew what the term barbecue was. The already large number of different grills available at that time were explained to consumers, new grilling techniques were introduced and these were accompanied by many recipes for grilling. During this time, FIRE&FOOD was also involved in setting up various associations, as well as in developing and supporting a new retail sector, the grill specialist trade.

And then

After publishing two issues of FIRE&FOOD annually until 2011, the number was increased to three in 2012. In 2013, the first special was also offered as a fourth issue. The rapidly increasing demand for more FIRE&FOOD, especially from the growing number of subscribers, encouraged the publisher to publish the magazine quarterly, in addition to a special and two new formats, the bookazine series and the grill mag.

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