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FIRE&FOOD is delivered to the address of your choice 4 times a year. The publication dates are November, February, May and August.

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What our subscribers say

" I particularly like the recipes and presentations of innovations in the grill and BBQ world. Also the reports on sustainable meat production. I also really like the foreword by Elmar.
All in all, a thoroughly successful magazine.

Markus M.

"FIRE&FOOD is THE BBQ magazine for me! I look forward to every new issue. You inspire me again and again. Keep it up."

Frank O.

" I like the articles and recipes and try out a lot of things. The dates for barbecue championships and the new products that you always introduce are also great ."

Mike S.

What you can look forward to in FIRE&FOOD

Great stories

Our passion for culinary enjoyment gives rise to our ideas for exciting reports from all over the world, in which international grill and barbecue experts present their best recipes. Unusual, guaranteed to succeed - and really delicious. Find fascinating insights into the diverse world of BBQ and get to know interesting people around the globe who live the BBQ lifestyle in all its facets, from cattle farmers in Texas to crab fishermen in the North Sea!

Testing new products

Meaningful accessory and product tests, informative service topics and reports on grill and barbecue events at home and abroad add the right spice, are practical and fun too. With FIRE&FOOD you are always informed about the latest grill trends and technical news.

Recipes and preparation

FIRE&FOOD offers you the best grill and barbecue recipes. The focus is on professional meat and cutting knowledge as well as knowledge of traditional and innovative preparation methods. You will also receive exclusive tips and expert insights from real barbecue professionals.

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