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Royal Spice

Pitmasters Pride, 350g

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Pitmasters Pride, Allround One for All Rub
Spice preparation 350 g can

From pulled pork to belly slices and meat skewers to neck steak. Rustic, full-bodied and tart composition for the entire range of grill dishes. Only spices from selected importers are used. Before they find their way into the can, all raw materials are thoroughly tested in an in-house quality assurance process. The light- and airtight packaging guarantees 100% aroma protection. All cans are specially aroma-sealed. For maximum taste!

Spices (onion, paprika, pepper, garlic, caraway), table salt, cane sugar, oregano, smoke

Average nutritional values ​​/ 100g:
Calorific value: 1055 kJ / 252 kcal
Fat: 6.8 g
of which saturated fatty acids: 1.2 g
Carbohydrates: 42.3 g
of which sugar: 42.0 g
Protein: 6.2 g
Salt: 29.6 g