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SET: Elmar's grill gloves + book "Grilling, only better" (German)

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Elmar's FIRE&FOOD grill gloves and the book "Grilling just better" in a cheaper SET!
The official FIRE&FOOD leather grill gloves: a must-have for all grillers!

High-quality grill gloves made of cowhide with FIRE&FOOD letters. The official grill gloves from FIRE&FOOD are stylish and particularly effective! They protect you from burns, heat or sparks. The length of approx. 41 cm also means that most of your arms are protected. The gloves are unique in black and orange style and with the printed FIRE (right glove) & FOOD letters (left glove). The FIRE&FOOD logo is sewn onto the inside of the gloves.

Dimensions: Length: approx. 41 cm, width: approx. 17 cm

On 200 pages you will find selected recipes with detailed color photos and exciting knowledge about the grill. Simply the best from FIRE&FOOD:

Classic Texas Brisket, Trout on the grill!, Baking in a wood-fired oven, Grilling in Poland, Now it's time to grill game, Now it's all about the sausage, The best thing from the egg - eggnog, Grilling with beer, 8 x Burger Deluxe, Sea signs, Chervil, Rob grills wild boar and venison, Tapas & cocktails, Fennel, Hinterwälder beef, Grilling on Mallorca, Barbecue in Norway, Rob also grills at Ippenburg Castle, The boiled beef, Barbecue in the water smoker, The Williams Christ pear, Barbecue breakfast, Soul food from the Dutch oven, Smoking and barbecuing fish, Coming to the chicken, Fire on Mallorca, Onglet, Whole wild boar from the grill, Turducken, The roots of the earth, Barbecue basics, ...

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Hardcover, 200 pages, EAN: 9783981717709