FIRE&FOOD 2022/02 - Single issue magazine (German)

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It's finally getting a bit warmer again. The sun's rays are good for you and give your body back the energy it lost over the winter. Then light the grill, put on a good piece of meat and enjoy.
Oh, there was something else. The terrace still needs to be finished. Like so many others, I also started to change the outdoor living area during the Corona period. From the flooring, the roof, water and electricity connections - there is a lot to plan. It's good that I also get suggestions from our readers who have already implemented their outdoor kitchens recently and send us their creative implementations. We are also presenting one of them in this issue.

On the grill market, grills that use electricity as an energy source are once again becoming more of a focus. After a long development period, Beefer is launching the E-Beefer, Landmann is launching an E-grill station and Severin is showing how indirect grilling works on an electric grill with the SEVO. You can find out whether the grill passed the FIRE&FOOD test on page 35. All of the electric devices and many more can also be seen live at the FIRE&FOOD BBQ WEEK.

Pizza is the trend in barbecue recipes this year. More and more grillers are expanding their barbecue equipment with pizza stones, pizza trays or pizza cutters. The really enthusiastic ones are even investing in wood-fired ovens to get as close to the original as possible. You can find simple recipes to copy on pages 76-79.

How barbecues can contribute to sustainability is mentioned more and more frequently in our articles. This is also the case in the article (from page 68) by Gerhard Pfeffer, our expert and visionary. The energy consumption when barbecuing, as well as the emissions generated when barbecuing, are also becoming more and more of a focus for consumers and for us. The barbecue industry would be well advised to check and optimize its barbecue equipment in this regard.

There are two topics on fish in this issue. The ban on fishing for some fish species in large parts of the Baltic Sea should show us the need to handle fish carefully (from page 72). Alternatives to sea fish, such as local freshwater fish from pike to carp, or the delicate brook trout, also look good on the grill (from page 10).



  • FRESHLY CATCHED and served
    Recipes with Jürgen Kernegger

  • Grills NEWS

  • Fire&food Meat Science: Nut Lids by Philipp Sontag
    Recipe with Elmar Fetscher

  • Quiches & Pies
    Recipes with Giuseppe Messina

  • Delicious veal
    Recipes with Karl-Heinz “Kalle” Drews

  • Product TEST Severin “SEVO Smart Control GT”
    by Elmar Fetscher

  • GRILL MENU by Nils Jorra

  • Harzer Red Mountain Cattle
    Visiting Daniel Wehmeyer from the organic farm Düna

  • FIRE&FOOD Meat Scout:
    Harzer Red Mountain Cattle by David Pietralla

  • BBQ Events & Scene

  • BBQ Week 2022

  • Enjoyment from the rack – asparagus
    Recipes with Klaus Breinig

  • Team Player Chutney

  • Classic sauces

  • The motorcycle butcher from Tuscany
    Visiting Riccardo Ricci in Panzano

  • Company News

  • Desserts from the grill
    Recipes with Alexander Herrmann

  • Food Quality: Is meat a climate killer?
    by Gerhard Pfeffer

  • BBQ in Poland: Fishing at the limit
    Recipes with Krzysztof Lesniewski

  • Product TEST Char-Broil “Professional Pro S3”
    by Elmar Fetscher

  • Pizza always works!
    Recipes with Marion Fetscher

  • Under the starry sky
    Outdoor bathing

  • This is how the world grills: stewing in the fire
    by Markus Mizgalski

  • MR. POT’s Food Travel
    Recipes with Kevin Thiedemann and Thomas Drumm

  • Show us your barbecue area!
    DIY project by Jörg Scherieble

  • BBQ Notes

  • Bitter Liqueur Cocktails
    Recipes with Kristjan Krolo

  • FIRE&FOOD Restaurant tip by Benjamin Hehn in Schorndorf/Schornbach

  • Coffee and espresso trends: It’s happening!

    by Stephanie Prenzler

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