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Summer has finally arrived. The heat is almost too much again.
The drought is already affecting agriculture and the weather maps are colored red. It is therefore understandable that barbecuing is only possible to a limited extent in times of extreme drought due to the risk of forest fires. I think blanket bans on barbecuing that extend beyond public areas such as parks and gardens are excessive.

Many of you will know about our commitment to regional products. For several years now, we have been working with FIRE&FOOD to give the best regionally produced food more visibility on the market. So that these special qualities will continue to be available in the future. As long as consumers still know and appreciate their enjoyment qualities, the consumption of these products will make a major contribution to the preservation of a diverse animal and plant world, from whose raw materials regional products are mostly made. And this will enable rural and artisanal food production to continue. However, it is crucial that we introduce our children to the enjoyment of the products so that they calibrate their enjoyment level accordingly. This is the only way, through the enjoyment of food, to preserve the quality and diversity of raw materials for future generations. This means that bakers and butchers will never run out of customers either.
In this issue we have travelled a long way in search of the best barbecue food. From the Vincke farm in Münsterland, where Iberian pigs wallow in the sand (from page 58), to the Rielinger farm in South Tyrol (from page 70). Simply pure enjoyment.

We also have a review of BBQ WEEK 2023 and the trends for 2024 for you. Already noticeable this year and it is getting even more trendy is the topic of pizza. There still seems to be sales potential for producers here. Planchas have also been seen frequently at previous trade fairs, whether as a fire plate or as a real plancha. Otherwise, grill manufacturers are still cautious with innovations and new products, as the warehouses are full to bursting with current goods. The next few months will therefore be rosy for grill buyers - the goods have to get out to the people. You will never be able to buy a grill as cheaply as in the coming months. Inspiration for this can be found from page 16 onwards.



  • Thick skin is worth its weight in gold
    Gold Digger Barbecue with Andreas Macherey

  • Grills NEWS

  • GRILL MENU by Elmar Fetscher

  • The perfect crust for steak
    by David Pietralla

  • Cooking with the Dutch Oven
    by Markus Mizgalski

  • Rice – Simply the best
    Recipes with Frederik Boetzelen and Giuseppe Messina

  • FIRE&FOOD Meat Science: Beef Cheeks
    by Philipp Sontag
    Recipe with Frederik Boetzelen

  • Spice blends –
    anything but boring
    Recipes with Marco Greulich

  • Company News

  • BBQ Events & Scene

  • Review of FIRE&FOOD BBQ Week 2023

  • FIRE&FOOD Meat Scout:
    The German young bull
    by David Pietralla

  • Ibérico westfalica – pork
    as a real delicacy
    Visiting Christian Vincke in Alverskirchen, Westphalia

  • Seafood on the plancha
    Recipes with Frederik Boetzelen and Giuseppe Messina

  • Nature & Respect
    The juicy chickens from the FIRE&FOOD BBQ Night

  • On the road in South Tyrol – From Vintschgau to the Ritten
    Recipes with Christian Angerer
    Visiting the Rielingerhof, the Pfoshof and
    Oberweidacherhof on the Ritten

  • Product TEST Campingaz “4 Series Onyx S”
    by Elmar Fetscher

  • Show us your barbecue area!
    DIY project by Tomsen & Die Björn's

  • Salmon – Aquaculture in Norway
    How much is the fish?

  • BBQ Notes

  • With beats in the bed – from Gershwin to Gaga

  • Viva el tequila!
    History, ingredients, production and recipes

  • FIRE&FOOD Restaurant tip
    Marcook American Barbecue & Grill in Amsterdam

  • Coffee and espresso trends: Café flair for your home
    by Stephanie Prenzler


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