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Pit Boss Pro Series 4 Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker
Item number: 10803

The taste of real wood has never been smarter, easier and more accessible than with the Pit Boss ® Pro Series 4-Series Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker. These grills are bigger, hotter, heavier and now smarter. They're equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology so you can use the Pit Boss ® SmokeiT™ app to control temperature settings, monitor your smoker's meat probes and more - all from the convenience of your smartphone. With its 4 easy-to-maneuver wheels, the PBV4PS2 is the perfect addition to any party. Smoking, roasting and baking is so convenient that you'll find reasons to bring it with you on every occasion. With its small and portable size, the Pro Series 4-Series Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker is a true powerhouse. It features 4 porcelain-coated cooking grates that stack on top of each other, providing over 6,000 square inches of adjustable cooking space.

Pit Boss ® 4-Series Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker Features:

  • 6,948 square centimetres cooking area
  • 29 kg capacity of the pellet container
  • Cooking temperature range from -65° to 215°C
  • Digital PID controller
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility
  • Pairing with the Pit Boss ® SmokeiT™ app
  • Porcelain coated cast iron grill grates
  • 1 meat probe included
  • Fan-assisted convection cooking
  • Automatic switching on and cooling down
  • Heavy and strong steel construction
  • High temperature powder coating
  • Collection system with easy-to-clean tray included
  • Large viewing window
  • Uses 100% hardwood pellets

Pit Boss Pro Series 4 Vertical Wood Pellet Smoker