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Turkish Grilling - Izgara Alaturka by Metin Calis (German)

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Grilled specialties from Turkey

Metin Calis has been a chef with heart and soul for 25 years and is Germany's only grill and BBQ professional of Turkish origin. He brings the entire variety of flavors of Turkish cuisine to the grill. His dishes are characterized by the spices and ingredients of the Orient, his culinary signature combines oriental-Turkish cooking tradition and western barbecue culture.

  • Combined in BBQ: Western Michelin-star cuisine and traditional Turkish cooking culture
  • delicious recipes with meat, fish and vegetables
  • all in: starters, salads and breads, main courses, dips, sauces and desserts

Recipes from 1001 Nights
Metin Calis - The Heidelberg native with Turkish roots is a trained cook and master chef. He earned his spurs working with star chefs such as Stefan Marquard, Holger Stromberg and Kolja Kleeberg, but then changed his source of heat: for several years now he has been a successful event griller and enchants his guests with his own creations and oriental spice mixtures. Turkish Grilling is a very special grill book by a particularly charismatic and passionate chef. It combines meat, fish and vegetarian dishes from 1,001 nights with a lot of love for Turkey and Turkish cooking culture.

Metin Calis: Turkish barbecue. Meat, fish, vegetarian.
160 pages, bound, 210 x 260 mm, numerous photos
ISBN: 978-3-96664-021-3