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Botucal Mantuano gift box with tumbler

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Botucal Mantuano gift box with 1 original Botucal tumbler
0.7l bottle, 40% vol.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a rum lover? Then the Botucal Mantuano gift box with tumbler glass is a good idea! The set contains a bottle of the high-quality Botucal Mantuano rum, which is known for its distinctive taste and elegant bottle. There is also an original Botucal glass. This tumbler not only looks classy, ​​its shape also ensures that the aromas of the Botucal Mantuano develop perfectly.

In the middle of the bulbous, brown bottle of Botucal Mantuano rum is the image of the Spanish brand founder Don Juancho, a Spanish nobleman of the 18th century who played an important social role in Venezuela. The premium rum is made from both molasses and sugar cane honey and distilled using three methods: column distillation (column still), steam boiler (batch kettle) and pot still. The different distillation processes are responsible for its harmonious blend profile: Botucal Mantuano consists of 40 percent heavy distillates (pot still), the intensity and character of which give the spirit body and structure. Whereas the softness of the light and medium-heavy distillates (column / batch kettle), of which Botucal Mantuano consists of 60 percent, gives the rum its perfect balance.

The DUSA distillery is located at the foot of the Andes in Venezuela. This location was carefully chosen because it is ideal for rum production due to its proximity to the region's important sugar factories and to the Terepaima National Park with its extremely pure water. The weather also influenced the choice of location: the area is known for its warm days and cool nights, which are beneficial for the growth of sugar cane and also have a significant effect on the maturation process of rum. In 2009, DUSA received the ISO 14001 certification for environmental awareness - a prestigious recognition for companies that want to promote responsible use of the environment.

After a maturation period of up to eight years in former bourbon and single malt barrels, Botucal Mantuano develops its characteristic taste profile. The aroma initially reveals nuances of dried fruit such as plums, oak and a delicate spice. The taste reveals complex, balanced notes of dried fruit, wood and vanilla. The finish is pleasantly harmonious. The pleasant smell of oak and delicate spice can also be clearly detected on the nose. The delicious dark rum with its harmoniously balanced taste is ideal for mixing trendy long drinks and cocktails. But the triple distilled Botucal Mantuano is also a delight when drunk neat.


  • From sugar cane
  • Store in a cool, dry place and protect the bottle from direct sunlight!
  • Serve at room temperature or chilled as a cocktail
  • Country of origin: Venezuela
  • Alcohol content: 40% by volume
  • ‎Aroma: Very harmonious with balanced notes of dried fruits such as plums, wood and vanilla. Soft and harmonious finish.
  • Colour: Intense amber
  • Liquid volume: 700 milliliters
  • Additives: ‎Colorants, E150a caramel

Legal: Only sold to persons who are 18 years or older. Please do not drink alcohol if you are pregnant. By placing your order you confirm that you are of legal age. Please use this product responsibly.