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eDossier - A feast for burger fans (German)

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18 pages, PDF format, from the FIRE&FOOD magazines of the last years

The popular burger e-dossier is entering its second round! Burgers are not just a popular evergreen for watching football or at children's birthday parties. They are easy to prepare and the countless variations make them irresistible for any occasion. Homemade burgers are simply incomparably good. Fast food chains can't compete with them. There are hardly any limits to the combination of burger buns, juicy patties, sauces and a variety of fresh toppings. Burgers can be combined with sweet, salty, bitter and sour flavours to create a real explosion of flavour! As in the first e-dossier "We love burgers", grill fans will find the best burger recipes of the last few years in this e-dossier.