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PUBLISHED ON 02/23/2024:

The temperatures are rising and the days are finally getting longer again. Now I have to hurry if I want to cold smoke some pork belly in cooler temperatures. And if the smoker is already at the right temperature, I can also hot smoke a batch. Eels are the ones today, a fish dish that is becoming increasingly difficult to find. We have researched the reasons behind this for this issue (from page 82). If you can't get an eel on your hook, you can order the slitherers online. Other fatty fish such as carp, trout or salmon are also very suitable for hot smoking. It is a simple and enjoyable way to prepare a dish. Try it out.

During the Corona period, a lot of things were neglected. Among other things, the innovative power in the grill industry suffered as a result. Understandably - the manufacturers had enough to do just to maintain their ability to deliver. There was simply no time for new products. In 2023, equipment and accessories for making pizza were particularly in demand, and this will continue in 2024. But there will also be some new products in grills this year, you can find them on pages 16-19. We will only be able to present further new grills in our next issue, as they will not be available until April/May. So good impulses from the grill industry to give the market more momentum again.

However, not everything always has to be reinvented. In a tribute to the kettle grill - the classic grill par excellence - we, together with the grill brands Napoleon, Weber and Rösle and the charcoal producer Profagus, are raising more awareness of this grill and dispelling some prejudices about charcoal grilling (from page 40).

Get out to the grill and try out the many recipes you'll find in this issue. Like the grill menu from emigrant Björn Westkämper, who is living his dream with a grill catering service on Mallorca. (from page 20) Really delicious!


  • Market News and Bullnose BBQ Corner

  • American BBQ from the ball: A pinch of originality
    Recipes with Roland “Bubba” Parsdorfer

  • Company News

  • Grill Equipment News

  • Grill menu by Björn Westkämper

  • BBQ with pork belly: simply good!
    Recipes with Eddy (Schülke) The Butcher

  • Make way!
    Accessory tools for more space on the grill

  • Salt – more than a spice
    by Bjoern Terhorst

  • Upper Palatinate Lake District: Barbecue instead of brown coal
    Recipes with Sebastian Engl

  • Get the ball!
    Promotion: The kettle grill classics celebrate their renaissance in 2024

  • Four ways to the perfect steak
    by Freddy Boetzelen

  • Streetfoodkitchen in Mauritius Part 1
    The Fish Grillers from the Cape of Misfortune by Peter Kemnitzer

  • Product TEST EVERDURE KILN R Series Oven
    by Elmar Fetscher

  • FIRE&FOOD Meat knowledge: Burger patty
    by Philipp Sontag
    Recipes with Giuseppe Messina

  • BBQ Events & Scene

  • Sunday roast meets BBQ: every Sunday
    Recipes with Dirk Freyberger

  • Proper and safe grilling with gas
    by Markus Mizgalski

  • Show us your barbecue area!
    DIY Corona project by Michael from Lower Franconia

  • Seductive skewers
    Recipes with Franz Eck

  • Steak tasting: What should be on a steak label?
    by David Pietralla

  • FIRE&FOOD Restaurant tip
    Kennedy's Smoked BBQ in Marktredwitz

  • Fresh eel from smoke and pot
    by Elmar Fetscher

  • The Green Fairy: Absinthe
    History, drinking rituals and recommendations

  • Asado made in Germany: enjoy in peace
    Recipes with Michael Schmitz

  • Coffee and espresso trends: Coffee in first place
    by Stephanie Prenzler

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