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DICK - Traditionsmarke der Profis

Carving knife 21 cm Red Spirit series by Dick

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Red Spirit knife series - Dick's Inspiring - Made in Germany

When it comes to cutting raw meat, roasts, roast beef or ham, this carving knife from the Red Spirit series by Dick is the best choice. The smooth, thin blade enables the finest cuts and preserves the fibers without tearing them. Let yourself be inspired. The uncompromising sharpness and the polished cutting edge give the viewer an idea of ​​the love and sensuality with which these Red Spirit knives were produced. Red Spirit knives are easy to use and produce an exact and clean cut. The material being cut is neither crushed nor broken, so that valuable aromas are retained in the food. The round, typically Asian-looking handle of the knife fits perfectly in the hand and optimally meets all the ergonomic requirements of professional chefs and ambitious amateur cooks, a particularly important advantage for intensive use. The red color is also a highlight here, reflecting the passion and fire that was put into these Red Spirit knives.


  • High-alloy, stainless steel for long cutting performance
  • High balance through perfect weight distribution
  • Stainless steel clamp and end piece
  • Non-slip handle made of high-quality plastic
  • Laser-tested cutting geometry with polishing finish
  • Symmetrical, round shape for comfortable and harmonious guidance

Weight: 0.39kg
Size: 430 × 100 × 40mm
Material: plastic handle, high-alloy stainless steel, ferrule and end piece made of stainless steel