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Bookazine No.1 - BBQ Smoker (German)

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Bookazines from FIRE&FOOD Publishing are a book and a magazine in one. Bookazine No. 1 "BBQ Smoker" is the first bookazine in the popular series. And not without reason. When you think of BBQ, you immediately think of a good piece of grilled meat from a typical American smoker.

The demand for recipes for preparing food in a smoker is huge, which is why we have packed this first bookazine issue full of tips and tricks, recipes and suggestions for grilling with a smoker. In addition to the technical know-how that you need to use the smoker effectively, it is important to consider smoke as an independent "ingredient" in the recipes. The smoky aroma can take some getting used to. There are people who don't like this taste at all, others can't get enough of it and love to dedicate an entire menu to "smoke", from the starter to the salad and dessert.

LOW & SLOW: Time for real BBQ!

With this bookazine it's time for a real barbecue! Grill and barbecue experts from all over the world show exclusively for FIRE&FOOD how versatile "low and slow" cooking with smoke can be. In addition to innovative recipe ideas, the popular barbecue classics from the USA such as ribs, pulled pork or brisket are of course not missing. The bookazine awakens the desire to try things out, offers professionals plenty of inspiration and even beginners can succeed in their first smoking attempts with the detailed instructions. Whether beef, pork, poultry, game, fish, side dishes or desserts - everything is refined with smoke aromas here. Enriched with important basics, equipment knowledge and the 1 x 1 of smoking wood, this FIRE&FOOD bookazine is a must-have for all lovers of smoky taste.

For the finest smoky flavor: pork neck with pinkmarinated potatoes by Elmar Fetscher.


Of beef:
Brisket, brisket on cheese, boiled beef, pastrami, beef tongue, mayor's piece, roast beef with wild garlic, roast beef rosemary,
Entrecote, Carpaccio

From pork:
Quick Ribs, Smoky Pineapple Ribs, Special Spareribs, Pulled Pork, Pulled Pork Sandwich, Stuffed Pork Fillet, Pork Fillet Heads, Pork Neck, Pork Belly

From poultry:
Smoky chicken wings, gratinated drumsticks, Moroccan drumsticks, spicy BBQ chicken, stuffed quail, stuffed guinea fowl, duck breast

From game:
Wild boar rolled roast, wild boar cabbage rolls, wild boar saddle, venison leg, game tartare, venison saddle, venison roulade, venison ribs, game balls, chamois leg, wild goose, pheasant

From fish:
Lobster tails, pikeperch, salmon on hay bed, smoked trout

Desserts/ Side dishes:
Smoked meat dumplings, BBQ aubergine with walnut salsa, grilled beans, pineapple on a skewer, smoky apple tart


Christopher Gollenz, Naz Cavallaro, Michael Hoffmann, Adi Blanz, Willi Lind, Hansruedi Wälchli, Tom Heinzle, Stalic, Rob Reinkemeyer, Björn Pasternak, Klaus Winteer, Michael Stahl, Thomas Schmid, Alex Windischofer, Johannes Kliem and Elmar Fetscher


Grilling technology

The bookazine offers you detailed information on grilling techniques and grilling equipment, especially tailored to the topic of "BBQ smokers". Deepen your BBQ knowledge - whether you are a beginner or advanced!

Grilled food

In addition to grilling techniques, grilled food plays a major role in the bookazine. Here you will find a lot of background information and our BBQ professionals will show you which types of meat and cuts they prefer and what to look out for when preparing them.

The strong smell of fire and wood smoke... The intense and spicy taste, the appetizing dark color of the juicy meat, it's just a turn-on!

Product details:
Publisher: FIRE&FOOD Verlag GmbH; 1st edition 2012
Language: German
Number of pages: 120 pages
Dimensions: 22.5 x 1.3 x 29.7 cm
Format: Softcover or digital in PDF format
Softcover weight: 0.48 kg
Softcover EAN / ISBN: 4198321114905

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28 September 2021
Klaus S.
Germany Germany

Info perfekt

Wild grillen noch nie so informiert worden.

FIRE&FOOD BBQ Magazine Bookazine No.1 - BBQ Smoker Review
29 November 2020
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

fünf Sterne

Wie alle Bookazine sehr gut aufgebaut und verständlich geschrieben. Schöne Rezepte. Das erste ist schon nachgegrillt

30 September 2020
Ottmar K.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Sehr sachlich und nicht so abgehoben wie bei einigen Kollegen von Euch. Das macht Spaß nachzulesen und selber zu Probieren

29 September 2020
Thomas S.
Germany Germany

BBQ Smoker

Ein sehr gut gemachtes Magazin

17 Juli 2020
Thomas D.
Germany Germany

Viele tolle Rezepte. Wie immer ein sehr durchdachter Aufbau des Themas. Freue mich schon auf die anderen Bookazine

14 Juli 2020
Guido S.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Basics und vielseitige Rezepte

Ich habe bis jetzt 3 Bookazine. Es wird jeweils super eingeleitet und alle Basics erklärt. Die Rezepte sind prima und vielseitig so das man kaum was, was man als erstes machen will. Ich bin komplett begeistert.

28 Juni 2020
Gerhard K.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt


Alles bestens. Mein drittes Bookazine.

28 Mai 2020
ralf f.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt


Sehr schnelle Lieferung, tolles Buch

12 Mai 2020
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

No.1 und No. 7

Toll aufgemachte und lehrreiche Bücher! Bei einer Frage zur Bestellung wurde schnell und kompetent geantwortet. Lieferung kam auch ratz fatz. Insgesamt, super Service!!