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eDossier - Poultry for the holidays (German)

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28 pages, PDF format, from the FIRE&FOOD magazines of the last years

The undisputed leader in the holiday menu is roast goose or duck. In the eDossier "Poultry for the Holidays" you will find, as in our other eDossiers, lots of information and the best recipes from recent years on a specific topic. In the article "Crispy and delicious duck" Kalle Drews shows us how to perfectly refine the popular poultry with roasted aromas and in "Goose from the smoker" Markus Heusel prepared the Christmas goose in Borniak for us. There are also other ideas for grilling poultry in winter from our FIRE&FOOD archive that will help you conjure up an unforgettable holiday meal ! Family and friends will be delighted!