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Lazy Kettle Liquid Smoke - 100% natural - for BBQ

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Lazy Kettle Brand Liquid Smoke

Although the smoke flavor is found in many different products, liquid smoke is not that easy to get hold of - at least in retail stores. However, it is very easy to purchase here through our FIRE&FOOD shop!

We have added the Liquid Smoke from Lazy Kettle Brand (imported from California, in the USA) to our range because we at FIRE&FOOD have high standards in terms of quality and taste – and this Liquid Smoke (in comparison to products from other manufacturers) particularly met our requirements. It starts with the extremely clear and natural list of ingredients , which is limited to just smoke flavoring and water, and ends with the authentic and intense smoke flavor that is created when it is made using only hickory and mesquite wood . Both types of wood contain the strongest smoke flavors and are ideal for Liquid Smoke .

If you are looking for a natural liquid smoke that is free of flavor enhancers, colorings and other additives, but at the same time impresses with an intense smoky flavor , then we can absolutely recommend the Hickory Liquid Smoke from Lazy Kettle Brand !

Product details:

Liquid smoke flavor from California, all-natural and without additives, a taste sensation for a smoky, rustic note. The unique Lazy Kettle Brand Liquid Smoke combines hickory wood flavors with a hint of mesquite. Use Liquid Smoke as a spice in the kitchen - for grilled meat and vegetables, in stews, fried potatoes and fish. Of course, it is also recommended for making your own BBQ sauces.

  • Really smoky taste
  • Content 147 milliliters
  • In the bottle
  • Vegan
  • Free from additives


Smoke flavor (water, smoke flavor from hickory & mesquite wood)

A notice:
Highly concentrated, only use drop by drop for food! Store in a cool, dry place!

Liquid Smoke: the smoke flavour from the bottle

Liquid smoke is a real insider tip among BBQ fans, especially in Europe. In America, the strong smoke aroma from the bottle has been popular for a long time and is much more widespread. But the demand for liquid smoke is slowly increasing in Europe too. For this reason, we would like to draw attention to the trendy product from the USA and answer important questions about liquid smoke. We briefly explain the history of liquid smoke, take a look at how it is produced, give useful tips on dosing and storing liquid smoke and answer the question that keeps cropping up as to whether liquid smoke is harmful to health or not.

Let's first clarify what liquid smoke actually is. Liquid smoke is a strong and aromatic ingredient (not a sauce!) that can be used when cooking, frying or grilling to give dishes a smoky grilled flavor. Liquid smoke is particularly popular with all kinds of meat dishes - but it also goes well with fish, soups and can even be used with cheese.

Production and origin of liquid smoke

The country of origin of liquid smoke is the USA. In the 19th century, the American pharmacist Ernest H. Wright came up with the idea of ​​burning hickory wood, allowing the resulting smoke to cool and condense, and mixing this condensate with water. The result was surprisingly good in terms of taste. With the help of a chemist, the method for producing liquid smoke was further developed and optimized so that substances that are hazardous to health are filtered out as far as possible. In 1985, the pharmacist Wright applied for a patent for the production of liquid smoke, which marked the birth of his product "Wright's Liquid Smoke".

Although there are very few liquid smoke manufacturers worldwide, everyone has certainly consumed a product that contained liquid smoke – usually labeled as “smoke flavoring.”

The industrial use of liquid smoke is no longer a rarity. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the use of liquid smoke saves the industry money and time. For example, ham and meat no longer have to go through complex smoking processes. A smoking chamber, which is needed for the smoking process, is also no longer necessary thanks to the use of liquid smoke. The products are usually sprayed with the liquid smoke so that they receive a pleasant smoky aroma.

In addition, certain products are difficult or impossible to smoke. One example of this is types of chips where the smoky taste is the main focus. Have you ever looked at the list of ingredients? It is very likely that it will say "smoke flavor". But even the classic BBQ sauces, which are characterized by a smoky taste, usually contain smoke flavor - usually in the form of liquid smoke.

Liquid smoke (in the form of smoke flavoring) is already used in a variety of products and has long since become part of our society, even if we have never consciously noticed it before.

Is liquid smoke harmful to health?

In times of artificial additives and flavour enhancers, none of which have a good reputation, it is entirely reasonable to ask whether flavourings are free of harmful substances and harmless to health. To answer this question, let's take a look at "real" smoke, which gives grilled meat its typical smoky flavour. Burning wood and coal produces so-called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs for short). According to the Federal Environment Agency, these are classified as hazardous to health and the environment. From a chemical point of view, smoke is very complex and depends on many factors. For example, the concentration of oxygen during smoking, the temperature and also the wood used all play an important role. The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons released during smoking usually get into the meat or the product being smoked or grilled.

When liquid smoke is produced, the smoke produced by burning wood chips or sawdust is cleaned. Harmful substances (such as PAHs) are extracted using several filters. The end product, liquid smoke, can therefore be considered to be far less harmful than "normal smoke". According to the current state of science, the answer to the question of whether liquid smoke is harmful to health is "no". In our opinion, one could even go so far as to say that the use of liquid smoke is significantly healthier than "natural" smoke, which passes into the meat along with harmful substances.

Liquid smoke: use and dosage

Liquid smoke has a variety of uses in the home kitchen. For example, it can be used to give homemade barbecue sauce a smoky kick, creating an authentic taste experience. But it's important to pay attention to the dosage! The following rule of thumb is a guide: For one liter of sauce, you need about one teaspoon of liquid smoke.

Especially in cities, it is often not allowed to grill with charcoal due to the heavy smoke produced. But barbecue fans who have a soft spot for the smoky taste of meat etc. can also benefit from liquid smoke - even with an electric grill. To do this, simply add a drop of liquid smoke to the marinade of your meat. Keep the dosage as low as possible! If the desired smoke flavor is not intense enough, you can always add some liquid smoke afterwards.

Tip: Dilute liquid smoke with a little water (in a ratio of 1:2) and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray it onto meat in the oven or on the electric grill - this way you don't have to miss out on the characteristic smoky aromas of a charcoal grill.

Important note: The liquid smoke is highly concentrated and should therefore never be consumed pure. For most dishes, just one drop is enough to achieve the desired smoky flavor.

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19 August 2021
J. HD Doctors Schweier
Germany Germany
Extrem gut

Bin begeistert. Besser gehts nicht.

05 April 2021
Norbert G.
Germany Germany
Neu und unbeschreiblich klasse

Jetzt hat auch unser Vegetarier in der Familie endlich richtiges Raucharoma zur Verfügung. Suuuper

04 März 2021
Germany Germany
Einfach nur extrem geil

Das Liquid ist das Beste was ich je hatte. Der Geschmack ist super gut und man braucht zum würzen nur ein kleines bisschen. Da ich Vegan lebe und doch sehr oft noch einen fleischigen Geschmack möchte, ist dieses Liquid perfekt dafür. Kann es nur weiter empfehlen :-)

04 Dezember 2020
Germany Germany

Nutze es für Pulled Pork das ich zuerst Sous Vide zubereite (Nacken, 24h im Wasser bei 73 Grad). Ich tue einen guten Schuss Liquid Smoke dann schon direkt in die Vakuumtüte mit dazu, dadurch nimmt das Fleisch im Wasserbad dann eine dezente Rauchnote an. Nach dem Sous Vide gehts dann nochmal für 2-3 Stunden auf den Gasgrill fürs Finish. Ich hab mir jetzt sogar noch einen Pellet Smoker gegönnt, aber ehrlich gesagt krieg ich es da auch nicht viel besser drauf hin. Sous Vide ist sogar saftiger und Rauchnote absolut da. Kann man auch gut variieren abhängig davon wie viel Liquid Smoke man mit dazu gibt. Wenn man mehr möchte kann man beim pullen auch noch einige Tropfen mit dazu geben.

25 Juni 2020
Jürgen S.
Germany Germany
Erfahrung sammeln

Riechen tut es schon mal gut und mein erstes Rumpsteak damit war phantastisch. Warten wir mal ab, wie es weiter geht.