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eDossier - Grilling compact (German)

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8 pages, PDF format, from the FIRE&FOOD magazine issue 02/2016

The eDossier on the topic of "Grilling compact" takes a look at small grills for great grilling fun on balconies and the like. The Dutch grill professional David Pauke did the practical test on a houseboat in Utrecht and prepared delicious dishes on the Cobb Mini, the Lotus from the charcoal fraction, the Weber Q and the Napoleon Travel Q. The result: the perfect (second) grills for at home when it's not a large family group that wants to be grilled! In addition to the grill tests and five BBQ recipes, the eDossier also contains a practical and comprehensive grilling device overview. This way you are guaranteed to find the right compact grill for you!

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03 November 2020
Günter K.
Germany Germany
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