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eDossier - India Travel Story (German)

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29 pages, PDF format, from the FIRE&FOOD magazines of the last years

FIRE&FOOD went on a research trip to India and, among other things, took a look behind the scenes of coconut charcoal production. Elmar Fetscher also visited the Indian state of Kerala at the southernmost tip of India, which with its diverse nature comes pretty close to the epitome of paradise. The tropical plant diversity is also the reason why FIRE&FOOD was here on tour. We visited an exporter of Indian organic spices, PDS Organic Spices, in the Idukki region and enjoyed the exotic flair in the old port city of Kochi, where the local cuisine is influenced by the principles of Ayurveda.

In the Indian capital and spice metropolis of Bangalore, we discovered dips and sauces of a special kind. Breads made from whole wheat flour (atta) play an important role in Indian cuisine in different variations such as chapati, naan or fried puri. They are served as a side dish - or together with chutneys, relishes, dips and fiery sauces as an appetizing starter. The dips and sauces not only go well with the breads, but are also used as an Indian variation on the classic barbecue sauce.

FIRE&FOOD also travelled to the hinterland of Bangalore. If you go on a culinary journey of discovery just a few kilometres outside the Indian IT centre of Bangalore, the great contrast in the different living conditions is evident everywhere. Almost every family cultivates their small piece of land and thus largely provides for themselves. Fresh vegetables from the field, supplemented with pulses and rice from the stocks. Whatever is growing on the doorstep ends up on the table. A reduced lifestyle, born out of necessity. Perhaps an approach for each and every one of us to examine our own needs.

Of course, FIRE&FOOD also had North Indian cuisine on the agenda: The Tandoori Taal restaurant in Bengaluru is a popular meeting place for anyone who loves authentic North Indian cuisine from the tandoori oven. This eDossier offers all the tastes of India! Download now!