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eDossier - South America Travel Story (German)

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19 pages, PDF format, from the FIRE&FOOD magazines of the last years

Elmar Fetscher was on a tour through the countries of Churrasco and Asado. From Brazil to Uruguay and Argentina.

The first stop was in the south of Brazil - a part of the country that surprises with its European character. There, FIRE&FOOD visited the knife makers of Rio Grande do Sul, among others. Elmar Fetscher also met Adriano Gabriel again. The Brazilian grill master runs a churrascaria in São Paulo with catering, grill seminars and sales. He told FIRE&FOOD his recipe for traditional beef ribs and Picanha Brasileira.

Then we went to the land of the gauchos: The Pampa once stretched across northeast Argentina and Uruguay to southern Brazil and is still a place of longing for many Europeans who think of good, juicy beef. The endless expanses are home to millions of cattle - but the number is declining. Even the legendary gauchos, who have sat proudly in the saddle for generations and driven the herds across the land, are now just folklore in many places. FIRE&FOOD took a look for itself.

Anyone who associates the small Latin American country of Uruguay, south of Brazil, with the culinary term Asado is not doing it justice. Although social meals over an open charcoal fire are a tradition here and meat is an essential part of it, Uruguayan cuisine has its roots in Italy and Spain and this southern European influence is strongly present everywhere. In the eDossier you will find delicious recipes for Buseca de invierno and Torta alfajor. Download now!