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Released on April 26, 2024:

At just over 50 kilograms per person, Germans ate 430 grams less meat last year than in 2022. There were significant declines in beef, veal and pork, while poultry consumption increased. The Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (BLE) cites a changing diet as the reason for this. Many people have become aware of the effects of high meat consumption on the environment. Less, but higher quality meat is the motto. However, the immense increase in meat prices was more of a factor in the declining meat consumption than the environmental arguments. This can be seen, among other things, in the shift from expensive beef to cheaper poultry. But there is another way.

In this issue, FIRE&FOOD brings the Sunday roast back to the table. A whole roast made from the best meat, prepared on the grill, is easy on the wallet and a real treat. The recipes for this can be found from page 10 onwards.

To prepare roasts, it is necessary to use a closed grill system. Grills have been given a lid to create a closed cooking chamber. The first of these grills were charcoal kettle grills, most notably the Weber kettle. On page 50 we show basic applications with recipes for the classic kettle grills from Weber, Napoleon and Rösle.

New in this issue is the topic of "Garden". As we know from your reactions and inquiries, the terrace and garden have become a second living room for many of our readers. To keep them in good shape, the gardening industry offers practical and ingenious helpers. These ultimately ensure that there is more time for the BBQ. (from page 70).

Will we see you at the FIRE&FOOD BBQ WEEK at Maisel & Friends in Bayreuth? Advance tickets are still available in the various categories - including the master classes. Or get a ticket for the BBQ FAN Area. There you can enjoy the best barbecue all day long. You can find more information at .


  • Market news
    Bullnose Barbecue Corner
  • Sunday roast meets BBQ – Part 2
    Recipes with Oliver Seibt
  • Grill Equipment News
  • Grill menu by Heiko Arndt
  • Grill cleaning: A clean job
    Grill cleaners at a glance
  • FIRE&FOOD Meat Science: Tile Meat
    by Philipp Sontag
    Recipe with Elmar Fetscher
  • Kampot pepper helps
    The gourmet spice from Cambodia
  • The Water Smoker
    BBQ from the cartridge
  • Plancha becomes Griddle!
    New device trend from the USA
  • Trout: Nimble fins for the grill
    Recipes with Eugen Leontjew
  • Get the ball! – Part 2
    Promotion: The kettle grill classics celebrate their renaissance in 2024
  • BBQ Events & Scene
  • The monastery pigs from Limburg
    Recipes with Bjoern Terhorst
  • Gardening with responsibility
    Species protection in your own garden or on the balcony
  • Garden Tools News
    E for efficient and finally more time for BBQ
  • BBQ Notes
  • Cigar meets BBQ: Happy Smoke!
    Flavour pairing at its best!
  • Streetfoodkitchen in Mauritius Part 2
    The Embers of Rue Deforges by Peter Kemnitzer
  • Product TEST Campingaz Attitude 2go Electric
    by Elmar Fetscher
  • FIRE&FOOD catering tip
    LiveBBQ event catering by Marc Neugebauer
  • Jack of all trades vodka
    History, enjoyment and vodka trends 2024
  • Product TEST Monolith Avantgarde Classic
    by Elmar Fetscher
    American BBQ professional training and DRY AGER training
  • 5x salmon
    Grill recipes with salmon
    Fan merchandise offers from the FIRE&FOOD Shop
  • Classifieds
  • Coffee and espresso trends
    by Stephanie Prenzler
  • Show us your barbecue area!
    DIY outdoor kitchen by Nils from Ahlhorn-Großenkneten

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