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Grill Codex by Lucki Maurer (German)

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GRILL CODEX by Lucki Maurer

Sizzling, fiery, varied: Ludwig Maurer, bestselling author of the Meat Codex, has brought the best and most important book on the subject of BBQ and grilling to the market with 80 recipes. With the feeling of standing right next to the master at the grill, the Grill Codex conveys everything you need to know about outdoor cooking. The recipes are not only impressive in terms of taste, but also in their simplicity and simultaneous quality: from Bavarian recipes to steaks and burgers to Japanese grilling art, the most delicious vegetable side dishes and the best dips - every dish will make your mouth water!

• The new work of meat expert Lucki Maurer
• 80 recipes for every grilling taste
• Including theory and background knowledge
• With great food photography

In his new book, Ludwig Maurer invites you to grill. He sees this as something very primal: without fire, people would not be what they are today. By cooking with fire, new nutrients can be extracted from food, and at the same time the taste of the dish is improved. Ludwig Maurer succeeds in showing the unifying aspect of grilling. The recipes in "Grill Codex" not only focus on his own cultural heritage as a Bavarian, but they also show how different cultures grill and how versatile grilling can be. In short: an all-rounder for everyone who likes to grill!

Details about the book:
Publisher: Callwey
Release date: 27.06.2023
Features: Hardcover
Number of pages: 240
Dimensions: ‎26 x 2.6 x 28.7 cm
ISBN: 978-3-7667-2625-4

About Lucki:

Ludwig Maurer, the youngest offspring of a long-established family of restaurateurs and innkeepers from Bavaria, learned to be a chef at the age of 15. After a few stops in Germany, he trained as a hotel specialist and later became a state-certified master chef. Maurer can be seen on television in formats such as "The Perfect Professional Dinner" on VOX, Galileo, the "BR Landfrauenküche", "Kitchen Impossible" with Tim Mälzer and his own show "In 80 Steaks around the world". Thomas Pfeiffer has been a successful photographer for over 25 years and has a passion for good food. He has already designed many projects with Ludwig Maurer, among others, and accompanied him behind the scenes for this project.