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MASURIA fireplace nexo

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Fireplace nexo from MASURIA
in color variant Black or Corten

The nexo fireplace with smoke pipe and pizza module forms a complete set that offers unlimited culinary possibilities and creates warmth and a pleasant climate. The nexo fireplace was designed for people who love the synergy of tradition and high technology. Only such a combination guarantees a unique atmosphere combined with safe rest in the light of the fire. The fireplace from the MASURIA collection provides exceptional warmth and allows you to pursue culinary passions. Experience the atmosphere of the Masurian lakes and forests.

The fireplace offers unlimited possibilities. It can be used as a typical heating fireplace, keeping you warm on cool evenings. In addition, it is equipped with a separate element - a convenient pizza module for the traditional preparation of baked goods - in wood-fired ovens.

Weight: 78kg
Dimensions: 72 x 55 x 215 cm

Fireplace nexo Features:

Pizza module
With the pizza module you can bake crispy, traditional bread, pizza, pita, but also meat and vegetables. Inside there is a fireclay brick that keeps the temperature high enough and prevents food from burning. Quick and easy lighting makes baking ready in just 30 minutes. Ideal conditions are created inside to prepare dishes with all flavors. High temperature, even 400 degrees Celsius, makes baking times noticeably shorter than with other methods. The wood-fired oven is a return to the authentic roots, flavors and traditional baking methods. This is how traditional Italian pizza is still baked in restaurants and bread in Polish bakeries today. The smell of burnt wood in the air, aromas of fresh dishes enchant guests and stimulate their senses even before the food is served.

High-quality heat-resistant glass in the fireplace door is resistant to very high temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius. This solution allows you to enjoy the sight of the fire while maintaining safety of use.

A clear and stylish thermometer allows you to precisely control the temperature inside the oven.

Made in two versions: black painted steel, with varnish resistant to high temperatures, with matt finish and in the Corten steel version. The elegance of the whole is guaranteed by the legs made of solid and massive exotic wood.

The fireplace is made of steel or Corten steel with a rusty patina color and is equipped with a removable grate and ash box with air circulation.

Grill plate
Kamin nexo is equipped with a traditional grill plate for preparing food. No direct contact with fire allows you to prepare healthy meals.

Pizza and bread baked on fireclay bricks. Get a unique taste and aroma that we cannot achieve in the home oven.

Fireplace for the fireplace
Made of steel, ergonomically shaped together with 4 mm thick grate. It has been precisely designed and has a shape that can also function separately as a fire bowl.

Smoke pipe
The stainless steel smoke pipe has more than just a utility function. Its unusual height makes cooking exceptional and on cool evenings it can also function as additional heating.

Fireplace nexo from Masuria: