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200° Fahrenheit BV

We can('t) BBQ by Jeroen Wesselink (German)

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52 fantastic recipes to become a bastard!

We Can BBQ or We Can't BBQ. One letter makes the difference. Masterchefs, grill masters and self-proclaimed BBQ experts: Not a day goes by without BBQ speaking out on this topic. But you really don't need a Michelin star to be a good griller. This book is dedicated to all those who appreciate good grilled food. And to those who love the riches of nature.

No rules, just ingredients.
No wisdom, but passion.
Without restrictions: Grill Like A Bastard.

This book inspires you to slam the kitchen door behind you and make your barbecue dreams come true outside. So get a warm jacket and order three cubic meters of charcoal. Then the adventure can begin.

When our ancestors began to use fire for their own purposes, everything changed. By cooking on an open fire, they managed to make their food more digestible, more durable and, above all, more tasty. An art form was born that was able to develop over hundreds of thousands of years. Thanks to microwaves, gas stoves, ready meals and induction, we have lost sight of the origins of food preparation: the open fire. This book is an ode to aromas, taste and a sense of community, but above all to the joy of cooking on an open fire.

Be curious about 52 inspiring recipes for a whole year of grilling fun. We Can BBQ!

135 pages in a handy softcover,
with numerous illustrations
Dimensions: 24 x 17 cm
ISBN: 9789082882841
Year of publication 2020
Publisher: 200 Fahrenheit - The Bastard