The new FIRE&FOOD will be released on February 24th!

The new issue 01/23 awaits you on February 24th, 2023 under the title "Fiery BBQ" with the Argentinian grill art Asado and other exciting topics from the BBQ world.

Dear readers,

Have you noticed it yet? Indoor and outdoor kitchens are getting closer and closer together. In the recent Corona period, the newly created outdoor kitchens (we had plenty of time during the lockdown) have become the center of life for more and more people. Set up a nice garden, invite friends and enjoy together - that's the motto. Furniture elements were added around the grill station, and a refrigerator and a sink often found space as well - comfort, just as you would expect from the kitchen. Not only the grill manufacturers have benefited from this trend, but everyone who makes life on the terrace and in the garden more beautiful and comfortable.

Pans, pots and portable ovens are increasingly finding their way from the kitchen into the outdoor kitchen. Not everything that comes off the grill has a grill pattern these days. And so international recipes are finding their way outside. Spaghetti is cooked on the side burner, wok vegetables sizzle over the infrared burner, leg slices braise in the casserole. After US BBQ was popular in recent years in our latitudes and brisket or pulled pork found their fans, a European BBQ is now being celebrated on the grills. Based on the traditional and

versatile cooking recipes in Europe. So it's no longer just meat or fish that's on the grill, but the food being grilled is becoming more varied. Women are also grilling more often. They particularly appreciate the comfort that has found its way into the new outdoor kitchens. Easy-to-use fittings, accessible connections and safety devices ensure trust. The space in the outdoor kitchen will become tighter - it's nice if the terrace still has room to expand.

Spotting trends and bringing them to the grill. Our new editorial team member Peter Kemnitzer was traveling to Zanzibar for FIRE&FOOD and was initiated into the secrets of the Swahili street food kitchen.

Craftsmanship in Bosnia-Herzegovina. In Dražen Jozeljić's forge, the craft of blacksmithing is still practiced according to old traditions. The water-powered blacksmith's hammer and the embers of the fire allow pots, pans and tools to be formed from sheet steel.

We are particularly pleased about the collaboration with Heiko Antoniewicz, the flavor specialist from Werne, who created the FIRE&FOOD grill menu for this edition. Explosions of flavor are guaranteed with him!

The FIRE&FOOD BBQ WEEK is getting closer. From May 18th to 20th, 2023, the BBQ world will meet in Münsingen on the Swabian Alb. If you still want to book tickets for the master classes, you should hurry. Some events are already running out of space. Bookings can be made via the website . You will also find the latest information about the event there.

Burn on! Stay healthy everyone!
Always a great heat under the grill wishes you

Elmar Fetscher, Editor

Look forward to the new issue of FIRE&FOOD! The official release date is February 24, 2023.