Are you looking for a perfect cutting board for your BBQ? Continenta GmbH from Freiburg has been producing cutting boards and other kitchen accessories made of high-quality wood in professional quality for over 40 years. The kitchen accessories are a highlight both functionally and visually! In addition, only wood from sustainable sources is used for the chopping block, carving board, etc.

8 good reasons for Continenta cutting boards:

Functionality and product design at the highest level
Use of the most beautiful types of wood for every taste
Wood exclusively from sustainable, strictly controlled cultivation
High product quality and durability due to high material thickness and careful processing by hand
Cutting properties meet the highest professional standards

Intelligent accessories such as stainless steel drawers or non-slip feet are particularly practical
Product finishing with our own hard oil recipe ensures antibacterial properties and a natural color
Each piece is truly unique









Design, functionality, sustainability

All images by Continenta / @grillbbqnation

Best quality from Breisgau! Since 1977, Continenta GmbH from Freiburg has been developing high-quality kitchen accessories made of wood and ceramic in collaboration with well-known designers. Design, functionality and workmanship are the company's top priority. Continenta products also impress with their good price-performance ratio. The wide Continenta range covers a wide spectrum of wood tones and grains with the hardwoods acacia, rubber tree, heartwood beech, oak, walnut and olive.

Selected, beautiful woods from sustainable sources are processed into long-lasting products and finished with a high-quality, self-composed hard oil. The oil protects the surface from environmental influences and supports the wood's own antibacterial properties. It also penetrates deep into the fibers, giving the wood back its natural color.

Cutting boards for professional demands!

Cutting boards from Continenta are characterized by the best cutting properties, high material thickness and professional quality . Especially for grillers and BBQ fans, a cutting board should only meet the highest standards . Continenta's products also look great! Cutting boards made of end grain wood show an atmospheric mosaic of individually glued wooden cubes, which make each piece unique . This looks great in your outdoor kitchen and your guests will be delighted.

All products are manufactured according to Continenta specifications in the countries where the wood grows. These are primarily Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Under strict control of quality and working conditions, practical accessories are handcrafted, the design of which stands out through useful details . There are cutting boards with stainless steel drawers , cutting boards with non-slip feet for a secure stand and much more. The high-quality Continenta metal logo adds further value to many of the products. The stable, yet light and elegant trays round off a range that no good grilling household should be without. We at FIRE&FOOD only include products in our shop that we are convinced of and that we will use ourselves for our next barbecue.

To clean the chopping block, simply wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it standing up. Regular care of the oiled surfaces, e.g. with linseed oil, extends the beauty and lifespan of the natural wooden product.

Multifunctional board : A cutting board can be so beautiful and practical! The three useful, integrated drawers made of high-quality stainless steel can be removed from both sides and offer storage space for various cut ingredients.

The carving board made of dark acacia hardwood leaves nothing to be desired for BBQ. The high-strength material makes the carving board a faithful BBQ companion.

Fine woods for every taste!

Kitchen accessories made of end grain wood

The hardest parts of the rubber tree wood form an atmospheric mosaic of individually glued wooden cubes. Particularly elaborate, solid and durable processing in very thick materials makes each piece unique. Practical details, high-quality oiled surfaces, timeless designs and excellent cutting properties convince even professionals.

Walnut kitchen accessories

High-end products are made by hand from fine walnut wood . The dark, warm color brings individuality to each item. Timeless designs and food-safe oil finish underline the effect of this hard and particularly beautiful wood.

Kitchen accessories made of acacia wood

The dark wood from the core of the acacia with its attractive grain is extremely hard and durable. Solid processing of beautiful designs in valuable handwork with a high-quality oiled surface and high material thicknesses guarantee the highest quality. Each piece is unique.

Oak kitchen accessories

With its light structure, oak wood fits into any ambience. Professional quality cutting boards, light and elegant solid wood trays are made in timeless designs using high-quality handcraft and finished with food-safe oil.