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The Beefer One PRO: All-rounder with professional qualities. Solid, high-quality workmanship and technology that sets standards. Incidentally, it has catering approval for commercial outdoor use.

The Beefer® One PRO works exclusively with top heat and reaches temperatures of over 800°C, which are previously unheard of for commercially available grills. This is made possible by a high-performance ceramic gas burner. In addition to the short cooking time, which enables the exact degree of doneness to be determined, a huge advantage of the Beefer® One PRO is that dripping meat juices do not burn due to the pure top heat. The juice obtained can be collected in the gastro bowl and used to make delicious sauces. In addition, the extremely high temperature on the surface of the grilled food leads to a kind of caramelization, creating a crispy crust. In combination with the tender, juicy interior of the meat, this is an orgiastic taste experience that defies description.

  • Made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with an electric ignition and a valve guard.
  • Instead of the classic height adjustment using a rotary knob, the new professional Beefer has a millimeter-precise insertion grid that allows the grill to be placed precisely at the desired height with a single movement of the hand. Professional chefs in particular specifically requested this kind of time-saving function from us.
  • With just one movement, the two brackets for the grill can be removed in seconds without any tools. This makes the entire interior extremely easy to clean. A big plus point in the professional segment!
  • Solid, high-quality workmanship and technology that sets standards. Our bestseller worldwide.
  • Space-saving, maximum ease of use and legal approval for commercial outdoor use, e.g. for food trucks, event catering, etc.
  • Extensive equipment including hose rupture protection and commercial pressure regulator (both required by law) as well as 1.5 meters of hose, two grids, two Gastronorm bowls and Beefer handle: Plug-and-play for the professional chef and of course for discerning connoisseurs.

Technical data:

  • Temperature at the burner > 800 degrees Celsius
  • Hot at the touch of a button thanks to electric ignition
  • tested according to Gas Appliances Regulation (EU) 2016/426
  • Approval for commercial outdoor use
  • Temperature > 800 degrees Celsius
  • Category 13P (50) Propane
  • Average consumption 0.25 kg/h
  • Nominal heat load 3.5 KW
  • 3 year warranty


  • Width 232 mm
  • Height 400 mm
  • Depth 472 mm
  • Weight: 16kg

Difference to Beefer One:

  • Approved for commercial outdoor use, making it perfect for food trucks, exquisite outdoor catering, etc.
  • Electric ignition
  • Valve guard
  • Height adjustment of grill grate via slide-in grid
  • Also easy to clean inside
  • Beefer emblem laser engraved and therefore flush to clean
  • Outer casing made entirely of stainless steel
  • Extremely stable construction