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Bookazine No.5 - Best Steak (German)

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Bookazines from FIRE&FOOD Publishing are a book and magazine in one. Bookazine No. 5 "Best Steak" is one of the most successful in the popular bookazine series. And not without reason. More and more meat lovers appreciate a good piece of beef in steak quality - and we're not just talking about fillet steak.

Aside from well-known "cuts" such as rump steak, roast beef or fillet, lesser-known steak cuts such as flank steak or skirt lead to impressive and expressive beef enjoyment - if the meat quality and the method of preparation are right. The FIRE&FOOD Bookazine No. 5 "Best Steak" explains in a compact and easy-to-understand format which other criteria are decisive for a steak cut to really become a "best steak".

Find out everything about the supreme discipline of grilling!

Anyone who loves steaks will be delighted by their pure, honest taste. And that applies worldwide – whether you prefer a sirloin or fillet steak, rib eye, rump steak, entrecôte, filet mignon, New York strip, tomahawk steak, bistecca alla fiorentina or the legendary churrasco, to name just a few steak classics.

FIRE&FOOD dedicates an entire bookazine to this supreme discipline of grilling and lets international steak experts have their say: with insider information from the right choice of meat to the special cut, foolproof recipes as well as valuable tips and tricks that equip the reader for the perfect steak.

This bookazine will guide you step by step on the path to the perfect steak. You will receive information about the different breeds of cattle, as well as their breeding and husbandry, slaughter and meat maturation.

Our meat experts will show you the most important steak cuts and you will learn how to grill the best steaks with the right equipment and the right technique. Look forward to a culinary journey into the world of steak grilling!

Chef Marc Neugebauer shows off his skills by grilling flap meat with pineapple relish and chervil butter and other delicious steak recipes.

Recipes from THE steak experts!

  • Scottish Carpetbagger Steak, Rump Steak by Chris Sandford
  • Sirloin steak with pepper and zucchini vegetables, beef fillet steak stuffed with vegetables by Adi Matzek
  • Sirloin steak Mexican style, steak tartare by Fabian Beck
  • Porterhouse with Lower Bavarian cabbage salad & Bock beer, Flat Iron on marinated ox cheek & sesame dressing, Teres Major Vitello-Style with tuna ceviche & colorful tomato salsa by Lucki Maurer
  • Tomahawk from Pomeranian cattle by Hartmut Japs
  • Surf & Turf – Tomahawk meets crustacean, rump steak with mustard crust by Christopher Gollenz
  • Filetto “Sous-vide” with onion-roast potatoes, Bistecca alla Fiorentina “Sous-vide” with salsa by Guiseppe Messina
  • Chili ribeye with salsa butter, carne asada by Taural Rhoden
  • Porterhouse in a salt crust, winemaker's steak by Adi Bittermann
  • Flap meat with pineapple relish and chervil butter, Côte de Boeuf cooked in herb hay, Wagyu Tomahawk with sweet potatoes and grilled salad, marinated steak with trout and cherry tomatoes by Marc Neugebauer
  • Entrecôte with grilled vegetables and Béarnaise espuma, Düsseldorf mustard steak by Michael Stahl
  • Recipes from South America:
    Ribeye with grilled peppers, ribeye with butternut squash and salsa criolla, bife magnum (tomahawk steak) with grilled vegetables “criollas” and potato gratin, thin skirt with papas soufflé, flank steak with mushrooms
  • Arm Pot Roast Dry Aged by Elmar Fetscher
  • Bone-in ribeye with cappuccino coffee crust and balsamic strawberries, reverse grilled porterhouse, T-bone veal steak with pineapple-orange chutney by Thomas Eriksson
  • Quick steak with grilled tomatoes and salad, Chateaubriand with buttered vegetables & Béarnaise sauce by Stephan Strohl
  • Teriyaki ribeye with grilled chicory, Rob's Kiwi Memories by Rob Reinkemayer


Grilling technology

The bookazine offers you detailed information on grilling techniques and grilling equipment, especially tailored to the topic of "Best Steak". Deepen your BBQ knowledge - whether you are a beginner or advanced!

Grilled food

In addition to grilling techniques, grilled food plays a major role in the bookazine. Here you will find a lot of background information and our BBQ professionals will show you which types of meat and cuts they prefer and what to look out for when preparing them.

Find out interesting facts about the different breeds of cattle, as well as how they are raised and kept, slaughtered and aged. Our meat experts, such as master butcher Philipp Sontag, will show you the most important steak cuts.

Product details:
Publisher: FIRE&FOOD Verlag GmbH; 2nd edition 2016
Language: German
Number of pages: 120 pages
Dimensions: 22.5 x 1.3 x 29.7 cm
Format: Softcover or digital in PDF format
Softcover weight: 0.495 kg
Softcover EAN / ISBN: 4190991314906


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15 Februar 2024
Matthias P.
Germany Germany


Es sind einwandfreie Tipps und Rezepte in hülle und fülle vorhanden. Alles ist sehr genau erklärt

19 Juni 2022
Mario J.
Germany Germany

Sehr gute Rezepte mit perfekter Anleitung

Sehr gut. Als begeisterter BBQer kann ich es nur empfehlen. Viele Tolle Tipps und Rezepte

FIRE&FOOD BBQ Magazine Bookazine No.5 - Best Steak Review
31 März 2022
Wolfgang H.
Germany Germany

Super Magazin

Viele Informationen und nützlich Tipps.

10 März 2022
Klasen R.
Germany Germany

wers mag

Mein Fehler , dachte da kommt n Heft ... bis ich nach Tagen merkte ... das is ja Digital ... habs geladen ... aber ich mag keine Zeitschriften am PC lesen .. , weil man sie nirgends mit hinnehmen kann ..... , und das wars dann auch für mich :-)

29 September 2020
Thomas S.
Germany Germany

Best Steak

Ein sehr gut gemachtes Magazin

14 Mai 2020
Enzo B.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Schönes Heft

Inhalt und Aufmachung sind echt gut.

10 März 2020
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Sehr schöne Zusammenfassung und klasse Rezepte

Wie die anderen Hefte, Bookazine, ist auch BEST STEAK sehr gut aufgemacht, mit viel Hintergrundwissen und tollen Rezepten. Weiter so.