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Bookazine No.9 - Best Chicken (German)

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Bookazines from FIRE&FOOD Publishing are a book and magazine in one. Bookazine No. 9 "Best Chicken" continues the successful series that has already achieved cult status among BBQ fans and amateur and professional grillers.

Poultry meat is popular worldwide for grilling and barbecues. Grilling poultry means more than just chicken breast and chicken wings. The bookazine shows the situation on the domestic poultry market and answers the question of whether there are alternatives to industrial animal husbandry and what they look like. In addition to the well-known wings and breast, there are a lot of new things to discover about poultry in this bookazine. The best grill masters have grilled their favorite recipes with poultry for the FIRE&FOOD Bookazine Best Chicken. From chicken, pheasant to guinea fowl, hardly a bird was left out. In addition to breed knowledge, the different cuts of meat are also explained, and of course the grilling technique is not neglected either.

In terms of sustainability, buying a whole bird is the best way. How to cut it up almost from beak to rump before cooking is explained in just a few steps using the example of a guinea fowl.

exciting backgrounds, grilling techniques and recipes

Poultry meat is popular in almost every age group around the world. Which is not surprising. After all, it often tastes really good, is nutritionally beneficial and can also be prepared in a variety of ways. But these arguments are both a blessing and a curse for our beloved poultry. Because what the masses like is often out of proportion in production and marketing. And we consumers also tend to miss the right measure when it comes to our poultry meat consumption. It is an obvious dilemma that has consequences. And these cannot go unmentioned in this bookazine. But there are also other examples. Of farmers who have made it their sole task to offer a real gourmet product. So that we can grill the delicious recipes of the FIRE&FOOD grill and barbecue experts with a clear conscience, which make your mouth water just reading them. In this bookazine we show happy chickens in Hesse and how to make sure you choose the right product for poultry. You can also find out interesting facts about broiler chickens, brother roosters and dual-purpose chickens. We'll also take you on a culinary journey through the kitchen and introduce you to the most popular birds for the grill. Every chicken fan should know our instructions and practical features for quick butchering, food safety and grilling basics. Brine and marinade for juicy poultry meat bring you pure flavor!

We give you instructions for unusual dishes that your guests are guaranteed not to be served every day, such as "Ostrich liver on celery puree and grilled pineapple slice" by Alex Gollenz.

Recipes like the "Skewered Chicken with Lemon Yoghurt" by chef Marc Neugebauer are guaranteed to make everyone's mouth water. The different grilling methods used by the professionals are varied, fun and will give your taste buds a whole new experience.

Recipes from THE BBQ experts!

Rooster with red wine from the Dutch oven; Stuffed chicken with grilled vegetables; Herb chicken from the brine; Crispy chicken tacos with avocado ranch; Chicken drumsticks; Skewered chicken with lemon yoghurt; Corn chicken with mashed grilled potatoes; Pigeon chicks Asian style with napkin dumplings and coriander gremolata; Chicken grilled on wood; Leg of farm chicken with salad of quinces, dates, green olives, mildly smoked chickpeas and almonds; Stuffed chicken legs Greek style; Buttermilk chicken with mint and apricot glaze; Spatchcock chicken; Spicy chicken taco with pico de gallo; Pollo al ajillo (garlic chicken); Callos, stew with chicken feet; Orange rotisserie chicken; Chimehuin chicken cooked over the fire; Brother rooster from the box; Butterfly corn chicken with peso paste and polenta biscuits; chicken roulade filled with asparagus and braised cucumbers; strips of chicken leg with cauliflower-fennel “risotto”

Quail grilled on a hook in a gas grill; Quail a la Plancha; Codornices al Hilo (quail on a hook or on a skewer)

Duck breast; duck breast with farmer's wrap and fruity Metaxa ketchup; duck rolls; duck breast skewers with ginger carrots on puffball schnitzel; duck legs in pumpkin with giant puffball

Greylag goose “kissed by the flames”; wild goose breast with cornflakes crunch and turnip pan

Mediterranean guinea fowl from the Dutch oven; guinea fowl breast à la Wellington;
Guinea Fowl Teriyaki Style

Turkey leg roulade and potato towers with chive and lemon sour cream; turkey gyros on a mini skewer; turkey thigh with “no filling” bread stuffing and red cabbage puree; turkey wings on sour pumpkin vegetables; turkey leg on bulgur and semi-dried tomatoes; turkey neck in a pasta roll on lemon herb

Ostrich liver on celery puree and grilled pineapple slice; ostrich sandwich; ostrich moussaka served in an ostrich egg


Grilling technology

The bookazine offers you detailed information on grilling techniques and grilling equipment, especially tailored to the topic of "Best Chicken". Deepen your BBQ knowledge - whether you are a beginner or advanced!

Grilled food

In addition to grilling techniques, the food you grill plays a major role in the bookazine. Here you will find a lot of background information and our BBQ professionals will show you which types of meat they prefer and what to look out for when preparing them.

Find out interesting facts about the different breeds of chicken and poultry, as well as how they are raised, kept and slaughtered. Our meat experts will show you how poultry is expertly cut up and prepared in an exceptional way.

Product details:
Publisher: FIRE&FOOD Verlag GmbH; 1st edition 2020
Language: German
Number of pages: 120 pages
Dimensions: 22.5 x 1.3 x 29.7 cm
Format: Softcover or digital in PDF format
Softcover weight: 0.495 kg
Softcover EAN / ISBN: 4192845014901

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09 April 2024
Markus G.
Germany Germany

Zeitschrift bisher nicht angekommen

Gern sende ich Ihnen eine Bewertung, wenn ich die Zeitschrift erhalten habe

11 Oktober 2023
Uwe K.
Germany Germany

Top Info

Bin selbst Koch und habe mir Inspiration zu genüge geholt richtig gut

16 Mai 2023
Peter K.
Germany Germany


Absolut perfekt mit erstaunlichen Inspirationen

23 Februar 2023
Julia E.
Germany Germany


Sehr hochwertige Verarbeitung und Gestaltung des Magazins, gefällt mir sehr gut. Rezepte wurden noch keine ausprobiert, da es ein Geschenk ist. Auch der Kontakt zum Kundenservice war sehr freundlich und mir konnte schnell und individuell geholfen werden.

29 Juli 2021
Michael V.
Germany Germany

Must have für jeden BBQ-Fan

Klasse Magazin mit tollen Tipps und Rezepten! Freue mich schon auf die nächste Ausgabe!

02 März 2021
Gorden B.
Germany Germany

Super Zeitschrift

Super Rezepte drin!! Sehr lecker zum nach grillen

02 Februar 2021
André B.
Germany Germany

Klasse Bookazine

Dieses Bookazine ist wieder hervorragend. Die hintergrund Infos zur Geflügelaufzucht sind sehr Horiznt erweiternd und die Rezepte sind Klasse. Weiter so.

04 Januar 2021
Florian E.
Germany Germany


Zu empfehlen , sollte man gelesen haben

28 November 2020
Jürgen B.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt


Sehr gut und die Verpackung ist Umweltfreundlich und schön anzusehen

04 November 2020
Erhard S.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Best Chicken

Der Einkauf reibungslos und schnelle Lieferung. Das Bookazine ist mit sehr guten Rezepten zu aller Art von Geflügel versehen.Sehr gut.

12 Oktober 2020
Detlef S.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Wieder ein hervorragendes Heft

Ich habe schon mehrere Bookazines oder so. Die Sammlung der Rezepte und Tipps zu einem Thema ist klasse gemacht. Auch hier sind wieder sehr schöne Rezepte, tolle Beilagen und auch Dips zusammengestellt. Spannend. Bitte weiter so.(Eine ganzes Heft mit Fingerfood / Vorspeisen wäre mein Wunsch.)

29 September 2020
Thomas S.
Germany Germany

Best Chicken

Ein sehr gut gemachtes Magazin

26 September 2020
André D.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Best Chicken- megageil �

Sehr informativ und tolle Rezepte

23 September 2020
Werner D.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Bookazine No.9

Wieder ein sehr gut gemachtes Bookazine mit tollen Rezepten und Bildern und somit wächst die Spannung auf No.10.

17 September 2020
Eckhard K.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Best Chicken

Ein auffallend schneller Versand!!!! Perfekt!! Tolles Buch, was ich jedem nur empfehlen kann!

16 September 2020
Wolfgang D.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Best Team

Einfach wieder super geworden, tolle Rezepte.

09 September 2020
Tobias T.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Alles super, wie immer!

Top Bookazine, wie immer bei Fire & Food!

03 September 2020
Stefan H.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Best chicken

Gute Barbecue-Lektüre

28 August 2020
Frank K.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Best Chicken trifft es genau!!

Wie immer hat alles prima geklappt. Das Bookazine ist wie immer sehr gut gelungen.

28 August 2020
Mechthild C.
Germany Germany
Ich empfehle dieses Produkt

Mehr als nur Huhn

Da Bookazine zeigt Rezepte, die das schnöde Huhn pimpen und auch etwas für den ausgefallenen Geschmacke wie Wachtel. Wir fanden die Rezepte so lecker und ansprechend, dass wir das Heft auch verschenkt haben. Bestellung, Lieferung und Bezahlung sind absolut unkompliziert und flott.