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Style de Vie Authentique

Brute Forged butcher knife 25.5 cm

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The Brute series from Forged exudes pure craftsmanship .

What does it take to make a knife? Looking at this series, all you need is a good piece of good steel, a big fire and a passionate blacksmith with a passion for his craft. The distinctive Forged Brute knives are handmade in Japan. The Brute Forged knives have an open head, giving them an eccentric look. This gives each knife a unique finish and shape. The blade and handle are hammered after heating. The handle is then folded. After forging, the blade of these knives is not polished. This way the forging remains visible and provides the charisma that the Forged brand stands for. This process therefore makes each knife unique in design and size.

The razor-sharp blade cuts through everything with ease. The metal is perfectly shaped so that the knives fit comfortably in the hand. Each knife comes in a beautiful wooden box and is perfect as a gift. With the Brute series, a striking appearance is guaranteed.

  • Made from Japanese steel
  • Hardness of 58 Rockwell
  • The blade length is 25.5 cm
  • The blade thickness is 2 mm
  • Forged by hand
  • Packed in a luxurious wooden box

Not dishwasher safe
After washing, dry with a cloth