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The Dry Aging Bible by DRY AGER (German)

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Book “The Dry Aging Bible” by DRY AGER:
Into meat heaven with the new standard work on dry aging and SmartAging®

This standard work on the subject of dry aging is guaranteed to inspire you and make you even better. The "Dry Aging Bible" by DRY AGER ® - over 300 pages of concentrated knowledge, know-how, aging and cooking recipes bound in fine linen.

The Dry Aging Bible makes you a professional – and meat professionals even more creative. On 336 pages you will learn everything about the refinement of meat, poultry, ham, sausage, cheese and even fish in the DRY AGER ® ripening cabinet. From food to super delicacy. Here you will learn everything you need to know about dry aging and refinement.

This book explains the history and current practice of dry aging down to the last - including scientific - detail. With breathtaking photos and detailed instructions, it shows examples of the refinement of meat, the production of world-famous ham and salami varieties and the culinary possibilities with recipes from well-known chefs. Even fish and cheese are not left out here.

For the first time in the world, all the important aspects of dry aging have been summarized in incredible detail. In the book “The Dry Aging Bible” you will find comprehensive information, concentrated finishing know-how, instructions and surprising inspiration.

The book guides you step by step through the entire dry aging process in theory and practice. From selecting the right meat or other foods, to the perfect preparation of the raw product, using the right tools, selecting the right aging program, and preparing the refined product with delicious recipes.

A must-have for every dry aging fan: The whole world of delicatessen. The dry aging bible takes you straight to meat heaven.

The book contains:

  • Basics of dry aging
  • Product knowledge
  • Dry aging practice with tips and tricks
  • Everything about SmartAging®
  • Workshops with step-by-step instructions
  • Recipes for ripening meat
    (beef, pork, game, poultry, lamb)
  • Curing recipes for ham
  • Sausage ripening recipes
  • Ripening recipes for fish
  • Cheese ripening recipes
  • Ripening recipes for drying vegetables or pasta
  • Cooking recipes
  • All about dry aging science
  • Not to forget: food photography at the highest level
  • And much more…

Editors: Aaron and Christian Landig
Texts and concept: Peter Wagner
Cover: Hardcover / Linen
Number of pages: 336
ISBN: 978-3-98203-560-4

Please note: A large part of the book can only be used if you own a device from the new Premium S generation.

Become a aging professional with the Dry Aging Bible
A brief overview of the book contents:

Step by step instructions
Have you ever prepared a side of beef for dry aging and, after the maturing period, expertly portioned it into manageable steaks using a bone saw and meat knife and then professionally vacuum-packed it? Made an original Italian pancetta from a large piece of pork belly? Sausaged and matured a perfect Hungarian salami yourself? Conjured up a buttery-soft dry-aged gravlax from a side of salmon? No problem with the Dry Aging Bible - countless step-by-step photos explain the most important tricks for handling refined foods and operating the DRY AGER ® maturing cabinet, step by step.

Cooking recipes
The dry aging of beef, pork, game, lamb and poultry also opens new doors for the chef - whether he is cooking in a hobby kitchen or in a restaurant. Three top chefs from Germany have developed 30 brilliant recipes for the Dry Aging Bible: the cattle breeder, passionate chef and meat expert Ludwig "Lucki" Maurer, the Michelin-starred friend of classic French haute cuisine Harald Derfuß and the Berlin avant-garde chef Christoph Hauser show what is possible with beef, pork, lamb, game and even offal from the DRY AGER ® aging cabinet. Illustrated with spectacular, appetizing food photos.

Anyone who has ever eaten a dry-aged steak knows how perfect the result of this refinement tastes. The Dry Aging Bible now proves that this impression even stands up to scientific scrutiny. Two of Europe's most renowned meat researchers, Dr. Michael Podvinec from Basel in Switzerland and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Weiler from the University of Hohenheim, have studied dry aging. Their conclusion: From a scientific point of view, dry aging is by far the best method for refining meat to absolute perfection. You can read more about it in the science chapter of the Dry Aging Bible.

Product knowledge
Dry aging makes good meat better and turns very good meat into a super delicacy. The quality of the raw material depends on the breed, gender, husbandry, feed, age at slaughter and conditions. The big buying guide in the Dry Aging Bible will guide you to the best raw meat for the DRY AGER ® aging cabinet: Where can you find the ideal meat, which cuts are best, which questions should your butcher be able to answer?

Processes & Know-how
Whether you are a butcher, hunter, restaurateur or enthusiastic hobby self-caterer - the imponderables of natural aging are finally a thing of the past thanks to the DRY AGER ® . The Dry Aging Bible answers all the important questions about dry aging in the DRY AGER ® aging refrigerator: What exactly happens in the depths of the meat fibers during aging? Why do steaks & co. become so much better in every respect with dry aging? What do I have to consider in order to get the best meat in the world?

Maturation recipes The DRY AGER ® aging cabinet not only matures meat to perfection, it also enables every lover of high-quality ham, sausage and even fish specialties to make their own delicacies. In the core chapter of the Dry Aging Bible, you will learn how you can perfectly simulate any form of natural aging with the DRY AGER ® aging cabinet - supported by impressive photographs of dozens of cuts of beef, pork and lamb. Even whole poultry, fish and some offal shine here in their full aesthetic. In every aging recipe, you will find specific recommendations for action, aging times, SmartAging® aging programs and valuable insider tips.

DRY AGER ® Practice
With the DRY AGER ® ripening cabinet, top foods can finally be dry-aged anywhere: in the comfort of your own home kitchen or in front of the shining eyes of customers in the butcher's shop, the meat department and in the restaurant. The Dry Aging Bible shows how easy refinement works in everyday life: step by step it shows how uncomplicated it is today to refine beef, lamb and pork or even whole fish, to make ham and salami and to refine cheese. With SmartAging ® and DX TasteReg ® , the Dry Aging 2.0, this is child's play: program-controlled ripening of meat, production of ham and sausage delicacies, refining fish and cheese, drying pasta, herbs and fruit - and even meat that has already been pre-ripened in a vacuum bag can be given a real dry-aging aroma with a special program.