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eDossier - BBQ trip through the province of Friesland (German)

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14 pages, PDF format, from the FIRE&FOOD magazines of the last years

Netherlands culinary: FIRE&FOOD set off to and through Friesland, because the Dutch province has a lot to offer. Among the regional specialties, liquids are very popular: the well-known herbal bitter Beerenburg has been made from over 70 different herbs since 1860. Cook and grill master Reitse Spanninga is a real Frisian and went on a culinary trip through his homeland with FIRE&FOOD. The journey begins with Frisian lamb.

In the Netherlands, most cows are found in Friesland - around 580,000 cattle in total. Therefore, in the second part of our trip through this region, our goal is a cattle farm. Grill expert Reitse Spanninga takes us to Klaas Kloosterman's farm in the "Trijntje Weil" natural landscape, which specializes in an old Groningen breed of cattle: the Groningse Blaarkoppen. So we set off on the trail of good beef - and are already looking forward to an excellent steak.

Water has always been and will always be present in the Netherlands and is reflected not only in land reclamation and dike construction, but also in shipbuilding and fishing. The latter is on the agenda for the last part of this Dutch road trip, where grill expert Reitse Spanninga takes us to fresh fish.