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eDossier – Hunting for climate protection (German)

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6 pages, PDF format, from the FIRE&FOOD magazine issue 01/2017


The e-dossier on the topic of "Hunting for climate protection" shows the importance of hunting for the forest. The Federal Cabinet has approved the Climate Protection Plan 2050. What does that have to do with hunting? For the first time, the plan sets out climate targets for individual sectors of the economy - and this includes forest protection and sustainable forestry. But the forest can be actively protected mainly through hunting, in order to keep the population of wild animals in check as far as possible in the absence of natural enemies and to protect trees from being browsed by hoofed game. FIRE&FOOD in the state of Brandenburg has found out what this looks like in practice. The e-dossier also contains the delicious recipes "Red deer rolled roast with Jerusalem artichoke", "T-bone steak of venison with grilled chicory salad" and "Freshling tajine".