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eDossier - Short gas grill market overview (German)

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3 pages, PDF format, from the FIRE&FOOD magazine issue 02/2020

The eDossier on the topic of "Brief gas grill market overview" takes a look at gas grills in different price ranges. Gas grills have many advantages: often a glance at the rental agreement or the decisions of the homeowners' association is enough to determine that grilling with charcoal is unfortunately no longer popular for you. But also as a "second grill" when grilling with charcoal is prohibited even in your own garden during times of nationwide forest fire danger. Or because you simply want to get a gas grill "just in case" on which you can grill spontaneously, without having to wait for a nice ember, whenever the mood takes you, the purchase of a gas grill comes into focus. A lot has happened in this segment in recent years, and with an investment of up to 1,000 euros, dreams can be realized. There are now also good offers in the lower price ranges. Not necessarily the large gas grill station with steak burner and side burner, but still with exciting features that offer a wide range of grilling techniques. FIRE&FOOD asked the manufacturers which gas grills they offer for each price category.