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eDossier - Wagyu beef (German)

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5 pages, PDF format, from FIRE&FOOD issue 04/2017

The eDossier "Wagyu Meat: Cuts & Recipes" provides insights into the cuts and recipes of this Japanese premium meat.
Wagyu meat has now become established in Europe, so it is not surprising that Japanese restaurants across Europe - as well as other high-end restaurants - have a need for Wagyu cuts that come from traditional Japanese food culture. Japanese cuisine uses little fat and spices, but rather the preparation is intended to enhance the individual flavor of each ingredient. And that starts with the right cutting technique. In addition, the meat is considered to be one of the most expensive in the world, and one of the main rules in Japanese food culture is that waste should be avoided. It is therefore only logical that the cuts of these noble cattle are carefully trimmed and as much of the animal as possible is used in culinary dishes. Interested butchers were able to find out how this works at the invitation of the Wagyu dealer Makoto in collaboration with the importer Kanematsu in a workshop at the Wagyu breeders Vogelsberger in Hesse.