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Elmar's Swedish Fire Disc

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Swedish Fire Disc – The other kind of campfire!

Material: black steel
Diameter: 25 cm
Thickness: 3 mm
Weight: 640g

Instructions for use
Logs (all types of wood, easy splitting makes preparation easier) with a diameter of around 25 cm and a height of 30-40 cm are particularly suitable for a Swedish fire. The logs are quartered, the inner corners of the quarters are broken so that an air channel is created in the middle of the log when they are put together. The quarters of wood can be fixed with a wire, and the plate can also be fixed to the four logs with a nail. Already split logs that are put together to form a cube are also very suitable for building a Swedish fire.

Once the Swedish fire has been prepared with the disc, a wood wool grill lighter is placed in the ventilation duct. Additional dry wood chips make it easier to light. After a while, the Swedish fire develops a strong flame that burns from the inside out. The ring plate gets hot and can now be used to prepare food in a pot or pan, or just as a decorative fire.

IMPORTANT: Please always think about fire safety! Observe the distance to flammable objects in the vicinity of the Swedish fire, and also choose a non-flammable surface such as a concrete tile, etc.

Care instructions
The disc is made of black steel and is delivered without corrosion protection. For this reason, it can contain different colors and take on a desired used look after use. To prevent rusting, the ring plate should be wiped with a damp cloth after use and stored in a dry place.

Have fun with our hot record!