FIRE&FOOD 2021/02 - Single issue magazine (German)

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THE FIRE&FOOD MAGAZINE 02/2021 (published on April 30th)

What remains of the beloved habits in Corona times is lighting a barbecue fire in the garden, enjoying oneself in the comfort of one's own home. More and more people are looking for ways to set up "outdoors". Be it with a simple barbecue station on the terrace or a pompous barbecue living area in the garden. You can find suggestions for this on pages 84 to 89. The barbecue and accessories industry currently has its hands full. At the moment, many barbecue suppliers are only able to reorder goods slowly. Anyone who wants to buy a specific barbecue or new accessories should therefore make an effort to do so early. You can find initial suggestions on our product pages (from page 6) and in the barbecue equipment news (from page 32). In collaboration with meat expert David Pietralla, we are starting a new topic block with this issue. On pages 70 to 77, David describes the way to the best "pulled pork" in theory and in practice. Imitation is welcome!

Topic overview

In our spring issue 2021 you will again find the hottest topics around barbecue and outdoor cooking.

Mmmh, wild boar sausage from Markus Heusel ! Game and smoke flavors are two brilliant team players for gourmets. Meat enjoyment can't be more natural and of higher quality when the meat comes from regional, sustainable hunting.

The people of the Rhön know how to make tasty food. This includes breeding and preparing trout, which is traditionally served in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve. Preferably smoked, grilled or as a skewered fish. Marc Neugebauer has prepared his best trout recipes for FIRE&FOOD 02/2021.

  • Market news
    Bullnose Barbecue Corner
  • Trout – grilled and smoked
    The Rhön trout – pond culture since 1882
    Recipes with Marc Neugebauer
  • Fish accessories
    No fear of small or big fish
  • Company NEWS
  • BBQ Notes
  • Wild smoked
    Recipes with Markus Heusel
  • Grills NEWS
  • BBQ Events & Scene
  • GRILL MENU by Chris Sandford
  • Product TEST “Rösle Videro G4 S Vario”
    by Elmar Fetscher
  • FIRE&FOOD pellet grill and smoker comparison
    by Thomas Eriksson-Fröhlich
  • FIRE&FOOD Meat Science:
    Outside Skirt by Philipp Sontag
    Recipes with Bjoern Terhorst
  • Grillninjas®
    Who says healthy food can't be cool
  • Portable charcoal grills
    Small in size – big on grilling
  • Food Quality: Insect deaths
    by Gerhard Pfeffer
  • FIRE&FOOD Grill book recommendation
  • A grill master named Smartphone
    by Markus Mizgalski
  • Rosé wines are trending
    Interview with wine expert Hannes Rehm
  • Product TEST “Röstblock Edelheiss”
    by Elmar Fetscher
  • Pulled Pork – It’s all about that juice!
    by David Pietralla
  • Lamb – meat enjoyment for connoisseurs
    Recipes with Joost van Manen
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • We love liver!
    Recipes with Sven Gress
  • Espresso & Co. like in Italy

If you want to eat regional food and eat meat, you can't really avoid lamb. Grill expert Joost van Manen is a professional through and through and has grilled lamb for connoisseurs for FIRE&FOOD!

In this issue, grill expert Thomas Eriksson-Fröhlich tests the Moesta Sheriff, the Weber SmokeFire EX 4 and the Traeger Pellet Grill Pro D2 575.

On pages 70 to 77 , David Pietralla describes the method for making the best pulled pork in theory and practice. The practical Thermapen Classic digital thermometer is available in our shop!

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Language: German
Number of pages: 116 pages
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Format: As a print magazine or digitally in PDF format
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