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Gerber ArmBar Drive Multitool - Orange

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Gerber Armbar Drive Multitool - Orange

The Gerber Armbar Drive multi-tool for your pocket is the perfect companion for your leisure and outdoor activities. It offers a smart design so that it fits in your pocket like a folding knife, but offers all the advantages of a full-fledged multi-tool. In addition to a lockable blade made of stainless steel, the Armbar Drive is equipped with numerous useful tools: awl, lever tool, bottle opener and scissors. The Armbar Drive also offers a bit holder with a double-sided bit with integrated slotted and Phillips screwdriver. The orange handle made of colored anodized aluminum provides a visually decorative aspect.

More details:
Material type: aluminum
Color orange
Blade: Steel
Blade length: 7 cm
Handle: aluminum

Weight: 90g