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HEEL Verlag

Grilling next level by Fabian Beck (German)

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The next level of grilling

There are plenty of average grill books with run-of-the-mill recipes. Fabian Beck, master chef and grill professional, is expanding the genre of highly professional and special grill books by German-speaking authors at Heel Verlag with "Grilling Next Level".

Fabian Beck sees his recipes as a source of ideas and guidance that can and should be changed with a large portion of imagination and openness. The focus of this collection is on the preparation of seasonally available products and corresponding seasonal grilling. Therefore, the book is not divided into starters, main courses and desserts, but into seasons - the respective dishes reflect the taste of the respective season. Very important:

  • What do I get at which time of year?
  • What harmonizes with each other?
  • How old is the animal and what does that mean for my cooking time?
  • What to do if a certain ingredient is not available?

The food is prepared on a ceramic or kettle grill, a fire plate, in a Ramsterbox, in a Dutch oven and with a rotisserie. "Grilling Next Level" is bursting with ambitious recipes of the highest quality! Here you can find the recipe index by season! The photographer Volker Debus tells the visual story of this extraordinary book with his wonderful pictures.

Conclusion: a special BBQ book for grill enthusiasts, by one of the best in his field. For grill professionals and advanced grillers.

Fabian Beck: Grilling next level.
224 pages, numerous illustrations
Hardcover, 235 x 290 mm
ISBN 978-3-95843-889-7