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HEEL Verlag

Hazebroek & Elenbaas "THE CERAMIC GRILL - Technique & Recipes"

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The ceramic grill bible! This is the standard work on ceramic grilling!
It can grill, smoke, cook, bake, smoke - the Big Green Egg is a true all-rounder that puts every kettle grill in the shade. The Kamado grill is a complete outdoor kitchen and so completely different to everything we have known before. Since the ceramic grill is also a bit more complicated to use than a kettle grill, this grill book provides a well-founded introduction to the technology and the versatile possibilities of the ceramic grill.

- Overview of the most important brands and manufacturers
- Functions and grilling techniques with the ceramic grill
- How is the heat optimally regulated?
- What chemical processes take place when grilling? How does flavor develop?
- Prepare delicious meals with the ceramic grill

This BBQ book explains in detail the history, technology, and handling of the ceramic grill and which wood, chunks, and coals are best used with it. You will also learn everything you need to know about flavor components when grilling, how you can influence the taste of your food with the ceramic grill, which grilling techniques are used, and what core temperatures and cooking points are all about. This very informative theoretical section is complemented by great recipes for starters, main courses, and desserts: numerous meat and fish dishes, casseroles and gratins, vegetables, fruit, bread, and cakes. With recipes such as "reverse-grilled Cote de Boeuf" and "haddock smoked on whiskey wood," you will even learn how to prepare culinary highlights.

Conclusion: If you have discovered the possibilities and results of a ceramic grill with this standard work, there will be no turning back.

Product details
Publisher: Heel Verlag
Number of pages: 160
Release date: June 2015
Dimensions: 256mm x 210mm x 20mm
Weight: 944g