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Meater Plus special edition FOR THE BEST DAD

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SPECIAL EDITION: Meater Plus including engraving "FOR THE BEST DAD"

Looking for the perfect gift for Father's Day or your dad's birthday? The Meater Plus + is now available in a limited edition with the engraving "FOR THE BEST DAD". The best gift for dads who like to grill for the family. The Meater Plus + is the next level of the ingenious Meater grill and BBQ thermometer. It solves the Bluetooth range problem with a clever trick and is now perfectly usable with a Bluetooth range of up to 50 meters! The same great smart meat thermometer WITH extended wireless range! For more freedom when cooking & grilling. The charger serves as a Bluetooth repeater/amplifier and the Meater Plus itself offers great features that have proven themselves in the original.

Meater Plus wireless meat thermometer with engraving


  • Integrated Bluetooth repeater in the charging station extends the wireless range up to 50m.
  • 100% wireless: No cables. No stress. The first completely wireless smart meat thermometer.
  • 2 sensors, 1 probe: Dual temperature sensors monitor the core temperature as well as the ambient temperature of the food being cooked.
  • Cook with instructions: Guides you step by step through the cooking process to achieve perfect and consistent results.
  • Innovative estimation algorithm: Estimates cooking time and determines resting times - for optimal preparation and scheduling.
  • Connectivity Suite: Follow cooking processes via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet. Easily extend the wireless range with MEATER Link WiFi and the MEATER Cloud.

The charger (the wooden box for charging) only needs to be placed within 3 meters of the thermometer and the range increases dramatically. For grill stations, one of the shelves is ideal, but the magnet also means you can simply attach it to the base cabinet. The Meater Plus is a pretty ingenious grill thermometer that is easy to use and works without cables or wires. The Meater Plus is explained in easy-to-understand (English) videos in the app (available free of charge in advance for iOS and Android). The pairing works wonderfully and using the integrated recipes is also intuitive.

The "cook timer" is practical, as it calculates the remaining grilling time and displays it. This also makes the Meater Plus very useful for long jobs or simple roasts, as these are much easier to plan. The Meater Plus is charged in the wooden charger/repeater using a normal AAA battery. The Meater Plus can later also be linked to Amazon's Alexa and thus provide precise information when the grilled food is ready!

Technical data: Temperature sensor:

Bluetooth LE 4.0 wireless connection
Maximum internal temperature: 100°C (meat)
Maximum outside temperature: 275°C (cooking chamber)
Stainless steel and ceramic construction
Water-repellent and easy to clean
Dishwasher safe
Rechargeable: Over 24 hours of continuous cooking
Dimensions: 130mm length and 6mm diameter

Charging station technical data:
Built-in Bluetooth repeater extends range up to 50m
Storing and charging MEATER thermometers
Magnetic back: easy storage
Charges MEATER up to 100 times with one AAA battery
Real wood to match any kitchen or outdoor decoration
LED display for battery status
Dimensions: 157mm L x 37mm W x 28mm H

App requirements:
iPhone and iPad apps for iOS 10.3 and later
Android app for versions 5.0 and later

Scope of delivery:

1 Meater Plus thermometer with engraving "FOR THE BEST DAD"
Charging box and amplifier including battery

No decoration or grilled food included!

Bluetooth Repeater

Charging station

Magnetic back

Battery power supply

The Meater App and Cloud

Easy with instructions

Choose your type of meat and start cooking without any guesswork.

Get notifications

Check the cooking status and receive notifications wherever your smartphone or tablet is connected to the Internet.

Cooking time

Estimates cooking time - for better time management.

Monitor multiple cooking processes

Cook different types of meat at different temperatures at the same time.

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