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Oren Pink Butcher Paper 24"

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Oren Pink Butcher Paper 24 - THE replacement for the controversial aluminum foil for the BBQ hero!

The Pink Butcher Paper from Oren is the perfect accelerator for the cooking process of pulled pork, spare ribs and the like!

The Oren USA Pink Butcher Paper 24" is pure paper without coating, aluminum or additives . Due to its ability to slowly allow liquids to pass through to the surface, only as much moisture is evaporated as comes out of the meat during cooking. This means that the meat is not overcooked and steamed, but remains juicy and stable, while the crust remains crispy, typical of BBQ. The smoke flavor is also allowed through. This is why the wet-strength Pink Butcher Paper is ideal for wrapping low & slow grilled food such as pulled pork or for steaming spare ribs, and you can do without aluminum foil altogether.


  • Roll width 61 cm
  • Roll length 45.7 m
  • Unwaxed, uncoated and unbleached
  • Made in the USA