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Original Paella Rice La Fallera 1kg

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Are you enthusiastic about the Spanish dish paella and would like to cook it at home? With the right recipe and the right ingredients, you will certainly succeed. However, you should not forget to use just any rice, but the one best suited for paella and cazuela: special paella rice from La Fallera! The real paella rice from Spain. A mixture of the Senia, Bahia and Bomba varieties. Only the EXTRA quality level is available on the market. The grains are pearl-shaped and have a slight sheen. This mixture is ideal for paella because it has an excellent ability to absorb flavors. A cooking time of 18 minutes is perfectly sufficient to prepare the rice.


  • Package content 1 kg
  • Natural short grain rice
  • very popular rice in Valencia - or in all of Spain!
  • Cooking time 18 minutes