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Petromax | fp20h fire pan with 2 handles

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Petromax fire pan fp20h - frying pan with two handles

The cast iron Petromax fire pan fp20h (Ø 20 cm, two handles) with its excellent heat retention is a must-have in every kitchen. Whether you are cooking in an outdoor kitchen over an open fire or on the stove at home, the cast iron pan with a handle and a shaft in the size Ø 20 cm is suitable for everyone. Also because the Petromax fire pan fp20h works on all types of stoves (induction/gas/ceramic).

The Petromax fire pan fp20h is ideal for preparing your food over an open fire, on the grill, on the stove and in the oven. The material can be used on almost all heat sources. The cast iron pan has two handles for safe handling and two pouring spouts for easy pouring of the contents without spilling.

The highlights of the Petromax fire pan fp20h made of cast iron with handles:

  • made of solid and high-quality cast iron
  • 20 cm in diameter
  • for braising, frying and roasting
  • excellent heat storage and distribution
  • with pre-treated surface - ready for immediate use and easy to maintain
  • natural non-stick effect
  • for campfire, grill, electric stove, gas stove or gas cooker and oven

Volume approx.: 1.1 liters
Weight approx.: 1,600 g
Dimensions approx.: 6.7 cm high | Base: Ø 15 cm | Ø 18.9 cm (inside top)
Material: cast iron