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Petromax fire pot ft6 (with feet) + Bookazine Black Pots for free

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The two-person dream team for Dutch oven fans:
The fire pot ft 6 from Petromax + Bookazine Black Pots in PDF format

Fire pot ft 6 from Petromax
With the medium-sized fire pot ft6 from Petromax you can easily cook for the whole family (4-8 people)!
The original Petromax Dutch oven, often referred to as a Dutch oven, is ideal for cooking and baking outdoors or in the oven at home. Cast iron pots have existed since the 18th century. Even then, the unique properties of cast iron were valued. With the Dutch oven, Petromax continues this tradition and also equips the Dutch oven with a variety of sophisticated details.

Cast iron Petromax quality
The excellent properties of the cast iron and the special surface structure mean that heat is efficiently stored and transferred. The pre-treated surface (seasoned finish) means that initial seasoning is unnecessary and the robust Dutch oven can be used immediately. It is used outdoors on an open fire or with charcoal. The raised edge of the lid means that embers or charcoal can also be placed on the Dutch oven. This means that the Dutch oven is heated from all sides and is also suitable for baking bread, for example.

Maximum cooking pleasure thanks to sophisticated details
The Dutch oven is equipped with sophisticated details that make it easier to handle and increase cooking pleasure. A robust handle allows you to lift the Dutch oven safely, three feet give the Dutch oven a secure footing and a thermometer hole allows you to check the temperature without having to lift the lid. Another highlight is that you can turn the lid upside down and use it as a pan. Along with all these sophisticated details, the Dutch oven comes in the classic Petromax design: The lid is adorned with the elegant Petromax logo, which has always stood for excellent quality and high-quality products.

In the medium-sized version ft6 with feet, the Dutch oven has a maximum capacity of 5.5 liters (pot). This means that meals for 4 to 8 people can be prepared.

Technical data:
Material: cast iron
Persons: 4-8
Pot capacity (max.): 5.5 litres
Lid capacity (max.): 1.5 liters

The 2nd FIRE&FOOD Bookazine on the subject of Dutch Oven in PDF format
They are black and robust - the cast iron pots that have been used for cooking, frying and baking outdoors for centuries. What was an everyday commodity for our ancestors in the age of wood stoves has now achieved cult status in European leisure culture. You come across the "black pots" more and more often: whether at medieval markets, during various outdoor activities or in your own garden. Depending on their country of origin, they are called Potjie (pronounced Poikie), Dutch or Camp Oven. You can cook, fry and bake in them in a variety of ways. Go on your very own personal journey of discovery with this FIRE&FOOD Bookazine - regardless of whether you are already an experienced Black Pot owner or are a "greenhorn" who just wants to get some inspiration. Seasoned with a pinch of adventurous spirit, a culinary experience that will surprise you awaits you at the campfire. The Black Pots FIRE&FOOD Bookazine N°2 seduces with great recipes, the basics show exactly how it works!

Product details & dimensions:
120 pages, format 22 x 29 cm, in digital PDF format

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19 September 2021
Doreen M.
Germany Germany

Ich habe den Feuertopf als Geschenk bestellt. Er sieht sehr hochwertig aus. Gutes Material. Da wird mein Mann sich noch länger in seinem Outdoorkitchen aufhalten Er ist bereits begeisterter langjährige Leser eurer Zeitschrift.

16 September 2021
Enrico P.
Germany Germany
Ft.6 - tolles Teil

Schnelle Lieferung und gleich getestet. Das Ergebnis ist ein absoluter Kracher. Nur zu empfehlen.

18 März 2021
Michaela K.
Germany Germany
Petromax Feuertopf ft6 + Bookazine Black Pots gratis 

Der Feuertopf ist super, die Gerichte daraus sind richtig lecker! Sehr hilfreich war hier das beigelegte gratis Bookazine. Darin sind sehr viele tolle Rezepte! Bitte bedenkt es ist nichts dabei um den Deckel anzuheben!