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SinGold | Absinthe 0.5l | 64% Vol.

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NEW from the SinGold distillery: Absinthe (0.5 l) 64% Vol.

Hardly any other spirit is as legendary as absinthe. Great poets and artists loved this drink as a muse for art and rumors of its hallucinatory effects are still widespread.

The 4-fold distilled absinthe from Wehringen is made from eight special ingredients. Wormwood, anise and fennel refined with lemon balm, hyssop, liquorice root, mint and lemon give the classic taste and the naturally produced color.

We recommend the French way of enjoying it: hold a spoon with a sugar cube over the absinthe. Add drops of ice water over the spoon so that the sugar is absorbed and combines with the absinthe.

About the manufacturer:
In the world of distillation, the SinGold distillery is undoubtedly an outstanding institution. With years of expertise and a dedication to craftsmanship that is unparalleled, the SinGold distillery is a true treasure in the world of spirits. Its masters know how to create first-class distillates from carefully selected ingredients and traditional processes.