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SinGold Handcrafted Rum 0,7l

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SinGold Handcrafted Rum (0.7l)

A rum from the SinGold distillery that brings holiday feelings home

The Singold Rum is an honest, high-quality drop that is produced at the gates of Augsburg in the small SinGold distillery.

The distillation is slow and careful to bring out the aromas of vanilla, caramel and the fruity sweetness of oranges and spices. This rum is aged in selected bourbon barrels, which gives it a pleasant spiciness and a subtle vanilla note.

This maturation takes place under the impressive Alpine panorama, which gives the rum a special touch. The Singold rum is perfect for pure enjoyment.

Experience the perfect balance of aromas and taste with Singold Rum, which brings the holiday feeling home.

With Singold Rum you have a special drink that is perfect as a gift or for yourself. The Singold distillery is passionate about craftsmanship and quality, and you can taste it. A rum that makes every rum lover's heart beat faster.


Colour: reddish brown
Taste: Vanilla and caramel with the fruity sweetness of oranges and spices
Drinking recommendation : neat
Ingredients: Distillate from sugar cane, water
Quantity: 700 ml
Alcohol content: 60% vol.
Allergens: none