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Borniak Smoker BBQ INOX TIMER BBDST-150 v1.4

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Borniak Smoker BBQ INOX TIMER BBDST-150 v1.4

Due to the correct combustion temperature and no flame formation in the smoke generator, no soot forms on the food being smoked.

Get the Borniak BBDST 150 V1.4 with extensive starter equipment and Borniak timer controller for automatic smoke generation. The cooking chamber is insulated and the smoker cabinet is made of stainless steel inside and out. All of this together makes the Borniak BBDST 150 a top-class digital device!

BBQ smokers from Borniak are not only very popular with fans of American barbecues. (BBQ: This means the long, slow cooking of meat at low temperatures using smoke.) The Borniak smoker is not only the first choice for ribs, brisket, pulled pork, sausage or salmon. Whether hot or cold smoking - the Borniak smoker delivers excellent results every time. It is also very easy to use. The oven can keep the temperature and smoke constant for any length of time. In the automatic smoke generator, the wood chips are transported via a spiral spring and ignited with an electric heating rod. Thanks to this special technology from Borniak, a particularly gentle smoking process with high-quality smoke is achieved. This means that the smoked goods are not only particularly delicious, but also perfectly preserved, just like in the old days.

  • The smoking cabinet is made of polished stainless steel sheet for a perfect, high-quality appearance and meets high hygienic standards.
  • Cold smoking and hot smoking are possible with one device. Easy to use and always professional results with excellent smoke flavor.
  • New TIMER control panel with which the working time of the electric heating element and separately the operating time of the smoke generator and the dryer can be set.
  • With an electronic control panel for precise temperature control (temperature range up to 150 degrees) and low electrical operating costs.
  • 150 litre capacity with 7 levels for up to 20 kg of meat or smoked goods.
  • The Borniak is efficient and energy-saving thanks to special wall insulation technology with silicone seal and magnetic closure.
  • The interior is made of food-safe stainless steel.
  • A drip tray for grease made of stainless steel and a water tray for collecting the ash ensure easy cleaning.
  • The chimney pipe is used to regulate the smoke density, which can be varied as required.
  • A constant, optimal smoke development for up to 8 hours is possible without adding more Borniak wood chips. These do not contain any chemical additives or preservatives.
  • Four feet with adjustable height.

Borniak Features:

Electric heating & radiators
The smoker is heated by an electric heating element that is precise to the degree. The special design of the heating element means that the temperature is distributed very effectively.

Temperature & Timer
The particularly sensitive electronic thermostat enables precise temperature control and is easy to adjust using the rotary control. Various timer functions complement the control keypad.

The specially shaped drip tray prevents fats and juices from the smoked food from dripping onto the heating element and onto the smoldering smoking chips of the smoke generator.

Splash guard
The drip tray under the chimney protects the smoked goods from moisture from the chimney.

Smoke intensity
The intensity of the smoke is adjusted using a throttle valve with an adjustable slider. This makes it easy to regulate the right amount of smoke depending on the recipe.

Door hinges
High-quality, strong door hinges allow for a high level of comfort when using the smoker door.

Magnetic closure
The chamber door has a very strong magnetic closure which, in addition to the special sealing tape, ensures very good insulation of the smoker cabinet.

Height-adjustable feet
Particularly durable, adjustable feet with non-slip rubber give the smoker good stability.

Smoke generator
The entire process of perfect smoke production is started with just the push of a button.

Product Facts:

The Borniak Smoker is not only the first choice for ribs, brisket, pulled pork, sausage or salmon. Whether hot or cold smoking - the Borniak Smoker delivers excellent results every time. It is also very easy to use.

Included in delivery:
Smoking chamber, control box, drip tray, adjustable feet 4 pcs, door handle, carrying handles 2 pcs, water bowl 2 pcs, power cable, power cable extension for GD, fat bowl GN1/2 (*BB version), smoking rods 3 pcs, chimney with throttle valve, grate, hooks, smoking chips 2L x 3 pcs, smoke generator, smoke generator lid, smoking chips 2L x 2 pcs.

Ease of use and efficiency
Borniak smokers are also particularly well suited for the popular "low and slow" barbecue. The long time in the smoker at low temperatures, but also at a constant temperature, makes it child's play to smoke aromatic BBQ classics such as ribs, pulled pork and brisket. To produce high-quality smoked food, all you have to do is add the wood chips, then set the temperature on the dial and activate the timer functions if necessary. The smoker will then smoke reliably and all by itself. The automatic smoke generator guarantees constant, optimal smoke development. The electric heating element maintains the temperature exactly as it was set. This means that even with little experience, a wide variety of smoked dishes can be a success - whether meat, poultry, fish, cheese, sausage or vegetables.

Always a perfect smoke
Simply by pressing a button, you can use the patented smoke generator to create the special, consistent smoke with the wood chips used. This is the basic requirement for first-class smoking and BBQ. The correct combustion temperature and the absence of flames in the smoke generator mean that no soot forms on the food being smoked.

The digital smoker is equipped with a Borniak timer controller.
The easy-to-use timer controller panel was designed and developed specifically for the Borniak smoker. The temperature in the smoker cabinet is maintained based on algorithmic predictions, as in the previous "Simple" version. This ensures a constant temperature during smoking. The timer functions with which the new controller is equipped allow you to set the time for a specific function, e.g. the heating time of the heater, the time in which the smoke is generated or drying (optional accessory). Using the device is now even easier. Now you can, for example, set exactly how long your food will be in the smoke to the minute. Without setting the timer, the clock shows the working time of a specific function or the set temperature.

Outer material: stainless steel 1.4016
Inner material: polished stainless steel 1.4016
Rated voltage: 230 V
Power: 2015 W
Temperature range: 0 - 150 oC
Number of levels: 7

Maximum load: 20 kg
Smoking chamber capacity: 150 L (42 x 49 x 71 cm)
Dimensions: 52 x 71 x 115 cm
Weight: 38kg

Perfect size for private use and catering: