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Special No.2 - Fish New Edition (German)

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Revised new edition of Special No. 2 "Fish"

The revised new edition of the FIRE&FOOD fish special is all about local freshwater and saltwater fish, because the fish from our rivers and lakes are much tastier than their reputation suggests. In this fish special, we explain how to quickly kill, gut and scale fish.

We also show how to fillet fish properly, how to preserve fish, and which equipment or accessories you need to prepare fish. The highlight of the special is of course the many recipes. From eel to pikeperch, all well-known and lesser-known local edible fish find their way onto the FIRE&FOOD grill.


  • Catch and release me
  • Local fish, much tastier than their reputation
  • From water to grill
    Killing a Fish, Keeping the Catch Fresh, Gutting & Scaling
  • Filleting fish
    Don't be afraid of bones
    Fish cupping
  • Preserving fish
    Drying, curing or salting, smoking, vacuuming, freezing
  • Grilling/barbecuing fish
  • Simply smoke fish yourself
    The culinary essence of water and fire, smoking in practice, professional smoking ovens
  • The wooden aroma makers
  • Smoking fish
    Visiting Markus Baumgärtner and his friends
    By Maze Seibold
  • No fear of small or big fish
    Fish Accessories
  • Recipes with freshwater fish
    Eel, grayling, bream, perch, brown trout, rainbow trout, pike, crucian carp, carp, whitefish, roach, char, tench, catfish, zander
  • Recipes with saltwater fish
    Mackerel, cod, salmon, plaice, whiting, herring

Product details:
Publisher: FIRE&FOOD Verlag GmbH
Language: German
Number of pages: 119 pages
Dimensions: DIN A4 format (210 x 297 mm)
Format: Digital in PDF format
(Note: A print version is not yet available.)

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