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HEEL Verlag

Tuffy Stone "COOL SMOKE - US BBQ at its finest" (German)

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US BARBECUE AT ITS FINEST, PRESENTED BY 5-TIME WORLD BARBECUE CHAMPION TUFFY STONE! The award-winning BBQ pitmaster draws on his vast wealth of knowledge and has put together an extensive range of recipes that will make your mouth water just reading them! Delicious baby back ribs, juicy burgers or spicy, herb-filled trout - meat and fish are ideal for smoking. Tuffy provides suitable side dishes and fantastic desserts that give a meal a worthy conclusion. He also explains everything you need to know about grilling and smoking in detail and in an easy-to-understand manner. From choosing the right device to making your own brines and rubs to tips and tricks for grilling and smoking correctly - you will find an answer to every question in this book!

Beginners and advanced grillers will find a wealth of grilling knowledge with lots of step-by-step instructions on around 300 pages: all the basics about smoke, fuel and fire, 50 recipes for rubs, sauces, mops, brines and sprays alone and hundreds of recipes from traditional to unusual. Whether ribs or pork shoulder with mustard and rosemary crust, pork butts, smoked pork knuckle or pork belly with peanut and ginger sauce or instructions for grilling a whole pig. Whether smoked brisket, reverse-grilled prime rib, blackened tri-tip with celery seed rub, kaff-rubbed cowboy steaks, smoked beef ribs, onglets or beer can chicken. Whether it's wild pigeon breast wrapped in bacon, goose pastrami, fried quail, smoked venison goulash or seafood and game, Tuffy Stone has a delicious recipe for all types of meat or fish. And there are also around 40 fantastic recipe ideas with appetizing photos for the side dishes and desserts: classic dill coleslaw, orechette salad or roasted root vegetables. And last but not least: chocolate shortbread cookies, salted caramel ice cream, spicy pecan pie, pumpkin cheesecake or coconut lime pie - with these typical American desserts, Tuffy Stone shows that he's not just a master at preparing recipes on the grill!

Product details
Publisher: Heel Verlag
Number of pages: 287
Release date: April 30, 2019
Dimensions: 261mm x 210mm x 30mm
Weight: 1309g