VIVA LA PLANCHA! Recipes and competition (German)

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FREE PDF booklet with recipes and competition for the short film "Plancha Grilling World Championship 2021"

What began as a marketing idea developed into a short film that author and director Mona Leone submitted to the Cannes Film Festival this year in this very category. Best infotainment, packaged as the 2021 Plancha Grilling World Championship - with the "Corona Edition" emblem stamped on in keeping with the times, because the imaginary grilling championship took place under exactly these conditions in a small village in Sicily. Fans of the hot fire plate can find the 10 delicious plancha recipes from the film in this PDF booklet for download. There is also a hot competition with mega prizes waiting for you!

The national teams in the short film may be staged, but the plancha dishes that are submitted for judging in the film are of course real and delicious too! The 10 delicious dishes are presented in this PDF recipe booklet for all plancha fans to cook. If you feel like it, you can send in a photo of your favorite dish from the film and become a winner yourself! All information and an overview of the prizes can be found in the booklet.

Mona Leone is the moderator of the film "Plancha Grilling World Championship 2021"; it's completely surreal, because the ten national teams that she introduces in excerpts are all played by herself and professional chef Chris Sandford , who FIRE&FOOD readers have known for years from many plancha recipes. Slapstick and faux pas, everything that comes to mind about country-specific clichés and is to be expected or rather feared at a real championship, can be found in the storyline. The film team's pandemic experiences also influenced the amusing short film. 29 characters are played by Mona and Chris and now all fans of the two know how they passed the time during the lockdown.

- Download PDF
- 34 pages
- 10 Plancha recipes
- High-value prizes! (Planchas from Simogas, cutlery from Tramontina, knives from F.DICK and gift baskets from BOS FOOD)

Watch the short film: